The Benefits Of A Career As A Teacher

Are you considering a career as a teacher? Being a teacher is one of the most important professions that there is and it is easy to see why so many people have a desire to teach. It is a profession which has a wide range of different benefits to be aware of and those that are well-suited to it often take great pride in what they do and find it hard to imagine making a living any other way. With this in mind, here are a few of the main benefits to a career as a teacher to consider.

You Get To Shape Young People’s Lives

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a career in teaching is that you get to shape young people’s lives and put them on a path to success. Everyone remembers their favorite teachers from school and many people would consider some of their teachers to be the people that had a profound impact on their life and not just through what was taught out of a textbook. This makes it an incredibly rewarding profession, but also a noble one as you are playing a key role in shaping the future.

You Can Share Your Passion

If you are pursuing a career as a teacher then you are likely to have a passion for what you want to teach. Not many people can get to say that they can immerse themselves and share their passion every single day, so many teachers find their work to be incredibly enjoyable – especially if you are able to inspire others.

It Can Be Fun

Of course, teaching can be stressful and there will be tough days to manage, but you should also find that teaching can be fun. Getting to work with young people and building relationships with them can be enjoyable, but of course, you need to be able to master creating the right balance between having fun and commanding respect which is something that can take some time.

It Helps You To Stay Young

Following on from this point, one of the often-overlooked benefits of a career in teaching is that many people find that it helps them to stay young. When people do not spend any significant amount of time around young people, they can quickly start to feel very old and out of touch. This is not the case when you are working with young people every day and forming strong connections with them.

You Can Design Your Own Work

While it is true that you will have a curriculum to teach and you will not be your own boss, you will find that there is autonomy when it comes to teaching and you can design your own work. Every teacher has their own way of working and you can have freedom in your classroom (provided that your methods are effective!). 

You Get Excellent Job Security

Teachers are up there with other essential professions in the world, which means that you get excellent job security when you become a teacher. It should not be too challenging to find work and it also means that you could move to somewhere new and still be able to find work relatively easily. 

You Get More Vacation Time & Finish Earlier

One of the first benefits that comes up in conversation when discussing the teaching profession is that you get more vacation time than other professions. Summer, Easter and Christmas all provide you with a significant amount of time off along with half-term breaks, plus you usually finish work earlier than a typical 9-5 office job. Of course, a teacher’s work often continues at home with marking and prep work, but this career can provide a much greater work-life balance and allow for vacations, hobbies, spending time with loved ones and time for relaxing.

You Earn A Solid Paycheck

Starting salaries for a teacher are comparable with many other professions and you can go on to earn a much better salary if you look to progress your career. Additionally, when you factor in the fewer hours and longer holidays, it means that the money is good as a teacher along with the greater work-life balance.

You Can Progress Your Career

Following this point, there are always options when it comes to developing your career if you want to do so. Many teachers in today’s day and age take an online masters in education, which will provide them with a qualification which could allow them to take their career to the next level and take on leadership roles within a range of educational settings. Additionally, the fact that you can earn this qualification online makes it much easier to fit into your schedule as you can balance your teaching and studying.

Lifelong Friendships

In unique roles such as teaching, you will find that you will always form strong bonds with your colleagues, which is a huge plus in any line of work. Teaching can be stressful, challenging and upsetting at times which is why it is so helpful to have colleagues that can provide support and advice. It is also nice to have them there in the good times and many teachers find that they make lifelong friendships through teaching, especially if they stay at a school for many years.

Every Day Is Different

In many jobs, days can blend into one when you are perfuming the same tasks every single day. When it comes to teaching, every day and even every lesson is completely different as you are engaging with different groups and will be teaching different content. This can help to keep you on your toes, ensures that you never get bored and can make a lot of happy memories with this profession.

As you can clearly see, the teaching profession is one which has many benefits including some not-so-obvious ones. Teaching is a noble profession. Those that thrive in this role find it hard to imagine leading another kind of life and see it as part of their identity, which is something that can provide immense job satisfaction.