How Healthy Living Can Save You Money

There are plenty of good reasons to try to live a healthier lifestyle, but did you ever think about the effect on your wallet? Healthier choices can save you money in a number of different ways. Below are just a few of them.

Cheaper Food

The next time you go to the grocery store, check out the price difference in a bag of carrots versus a bag of potato chips. In general, healthy unprocessed food such as fruit and vegetables, is cheaper than food that is bad for you. There are exceptions, and organic food or food that becomes trendy, such as kale or quinoa, can cost premium prices. But for the most part, reliable, healthy options, such as apples, spinach and whole grains, are reasonably inexpensive. You’ll also save money if you buy less alcohol.

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

It’s not an infallible formula, but in general, better health means a longer life. This means that if you bought a life insurance policy when your kids were young and you were careful to exercise and eat nutritiously, you are more likely to see your children grow up and move out of the house. At that point, you may not need the policy any longer. You can actually sell it through a life settlement for a substantial amount of money. This can help with bills and expenses as you are nearing retirement. You can have a look at a guide about how to get cash in this way.

Lower Medical Expenses

Some health insurers will offer you lower rates if you join a gym, quit smoking, or engage in other healthy practices. You also have a higher chance of paying less in medical bills throughout your life if you take better care of yourself. You cannot completely eliminate the possibility of developing any kind of disease, but you might have a stronger immune system and recover faster from accidents or illnesses if you are in good shape.

Lower Entertainment Expenses

A night out drinking or eating a rich meal can be expensive. Many sedentary pastimes, like going to the movies, can be costly, especially if you take the whole family. In contrast, many active pursuits, such as hiking, walking in the park or playing kickball in the back yard, are low cost or free. Instead of taking the family to an amusement park, go for a bike ride together. There are almost always cheaper, healthier alternatives to most activities. These are just a few examples of some key considerations when spending on entertainment, travel, and socializing. 

Save on Transportation

Instead of driving or taking public transportation to work, you can bike there, saving a huge amount of money on gas or bus fare. If cycling all the way isn’t practical, try driving or taking public transportation only part of the way and walking or cycling the rest. You’ll still save money on gas or fares. While it won’t always be practical, think of errands that are just a couple of miles or less as walkable. With practice, you can walk a couple of miles in half an hour, and you can use the time to make phone calls or listen to podcasts or audiobooks.