The Most Desirable Buildings From Movies

What if you could live in any one of your favorite buildings from a movie, which one would  you choose? As part of a campaign from the team at Simply Academy, the UK’s premier financial training school, we are discussing which of the weird and wonderful buildings from TV shows and movies we would most like to live or work inside if it were possible. In light of this we want to share our favorite pieces of movie architecture, and where we would like to live if ever given the opportunity.

Wayne Manor

The caped crusader may be a crime-fighting hero by night but as we all know, by day he is simply Bruce Wayne, the wealthy businessman with a house to die for, Wayne Manor. Based in New Jersey we could count on a central location, not to mention the enormous size of the mansion with its hundreds of rooms. We would certainly enjoy being waited on by Alfred and of course if things got a little dangerous, the Bat Cave would be full of toys and gadgets that could keep us safe.

Biltmore Estate

Richie Rich is the wealthiest kid in the world and son of a billionaire-owner of  the Rich Corporation, his home is the very beautiful Biltmore Mansion, a chateau-esque style building on a huge scale. This building does actually exist in real life yet we prefer the version from the movie which is filled with childish tweaks and additions such as trap doors and slides. The building is over 170,000 square feet in size which would certainly give you enough space for, well whatever you wanted. Full staff on hand to help you out and lots of hiding places, the perfect kid’s mansion.

New York Apartment From Friends

They may have claimed that rent control was why the cast from Friends were able to afford such a beautiful Manhattan apartment but this is a place which could only exist in fiction, given the fact that it would be worth far more than their salaries could ever allow. The apartment sits on 90 Bedford Street, NY and has an estimated value of $2 million, with a monthly rent estimation of around $7,000. The 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment is sizable and perfectly located in the West Village, very desirable indeed.

The Shire

Many of us dream of getting away from it all, taking our life back to basics and reconnecting with nature. The perfect place to do this would be The Shire from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies. The buildings in The Shire are quaint homes built into the ground, offering cylindrical doorways, real wood fires, lots of space and the perfect place to disappear for a while. The only downside with living in The Shire may be the fact that Hobbits are indeed halflings, meaning that the size of the homes may need to be increased a little before we decide to move in.

Where would your favorite building be to live or work? Let us know in the comments below.