The Best Short Term Corporate Housing in Washington DC I Have Found

I have traveled the country staying in short term properties when I have been working and I have decided that of all the cities which I have visited there is one which consistently gets it right. For me, when it comes to short term corporate housing Washington DC just gets it right every single time. I have literally never had a bad experience in the 6 times that I have been to DC and I can honestly say that they do something extra that the likes of New York, Los Angeles just don’t do as well.

If you have some work upcoming in Washington DC then here is exactly why I would recommend that you stay in short term corporate housing.

Home Away From Home

The idea of these short term rentals is that they are a home away from home, yet many of the short term rental properties just don’t seem to grasp this with regards to making sure that those places stay that way. When I have stayed in Washington DC however I find that they are just so on it with regards to updating the place and making sure that the level of comfort is always at the highest end of the spectrum.

Location is Everything

We all know that the likes of New York struggle to get location wrong because of the fact that there is something just about everywhere you look, perhaps with the exception of Staten Island, but who really stays there? And so it is up to the rest of the cities to really nail it when it comes to location yet again however, so many come up short. In Washington DC however all of the places I have stayed just get the balance right between being close enough to the office areas and still being in the heart of the action so that you can enjoy yourself.

One Point Management

There is an odd trend in many cities which I have visited, especially when staying in place which is operated by a franchise, whereby there never seems to be a single person who is heading up a particular operation. This makes it so difficult to try and speak to a single manager in order to get things sorted out or to find out information. Here in DC it is very simple, at least in the corporate places where I have stayed, and that is that one person heads things up, that is the person you speak to and that is the person who gets back to you, it is no more complicated than this.

I am not for second suggesting that there aren’t other cities around the world where there are some greta locations in which to stay but for me there is only one which is able to consistently deliver and that is very much Washington DC. If you do happen to be going on business, I can’t recommend their short term corporate housing enough.