If you plan a trip for the first time, it will be a thrilling and exciting experience for you. And, you might be scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest for pictures of the most beautiful locations in the world. You are finding trip advisors to score cheap packages and deals. You think that everything is ready for your adventure, right? Unfortunately, if you say that your trip planning stops here, you have another thing coming. If so, you will be leaving the door open for mistakes you can usually avoid. Based on our expertise, this article will tell you things you should avoid while planning out your next trip.

Between tourist scams, local customs, plane tickets, and visa requirements, preparing you physically and mentally for a trip, local or abroad, will take effort and a lot of thinking. In the end, a little planning will go a long way to ensure you have the most fun possible. When you keep these mistakes in mind, you will avoid them and enjoy your trip without the hassle of facing problems while on it. Look down below to get to know what some of them are.


Whatever you do, do not book a hotel or a cabin at the location you wish to travel to a few weeks or a month before your trip day. Don’t book at the last moment either. Avoid doing so by going online and searching for accommodation deals at the location of your stay. We are sure you can find plenty of them once you make up your mind searching for the best deals. For example, if you want to visit the smoky mountains of Tennessee and visit the Dollywood theme park, go online and search for Dollywood Cabins available for rent. Once you know that you have your accommodation down, you can rest assured and start focusing on other aspects of your trip.


Trying to plan too many places and activities in a single trip is a disaster waiting to happen. Being an overzealous traveler, you want to spend every second of it covering all locations in a single day. But it will not be possible to be at two places at once. Things will get worse if you do not plan to give yourself some resting time between destinations.

To avoid these common planning mistakes, think flexibly. And create a list of things to do, and prioritize them. Do not be afraid to change your plans if you expect to experience traffic jams, poor weather conditions, or lack of funds. It will be a wise decision to plan out your routes beforehand, allowing you to calculate the time it takes to reach a specific destination.


We are huge advocates of travel deals and packages. However, just like other things in life, you might go deal-crazy. Travel deals and packages are always there to entice people and work against the customer choosing them. It is why these businesses can offer such cheap promotions and still stay in business. They might be too good to be true sometimes, which will result in wastage of cash that you can utilize while on the trip.

To stay away from this mistake, avoid discounted passes or tickets that are not useful on your trip. Also, be aware of special offers or discounts on cruises, hotels, or packages that disturb your budget, however tempting they might sound. Indeed, these deals will feel like you are getting more when you spend less. If you still insist on going with these deals, try to do some research and compare four to five different deals and packages.  


Even travelers who take into account every little detail, and set a budget accordingly, will face financial woes due to airline surcharges, baggage fees, and in-flight meals. Other hidden charges include ATM fees, taxes, internet charges, tips, and much more multiple hidden fees. Overlooking these fees will turn your 1000 dollars trip to twice the amount you planned.

These nickel and dime ticket sellers, hotels, car rental companies, and resorts are not far behind. However, ask your travel agent about every little detail included in the travel package and if they have to pay for anything extra. Do not let promises such as free or all-inclusive fool you. Plus, it will always be better to overbudget a little bit. Keeping 100 dollars extra for every person on the trip will allow you to cover any extra charges. Also, keep in mind that you can be a victim of package theft or loss.  So keeping some extra money hidden away in your backpack will help you out during tight situations. 


Those days are long gone when travelers call up their travel agents, confirm dates, book a hotel, and are done with everything. The internet is spoiling people for choice with every passing day. There is a cocktail of online travel sites that offer deals and packages and the lowest price possible. But, nine out of ten times, it will be the worst decision to book everything on the first online travel site you find. While we cannot guarantee that a specific travel site will provide you the lowest rates possible, we can help you find one that does. By searching for all the major travel providers and airlines, you can find the best rates possible.

Websites such as TripAdvisor or act as aggregators and scan various online airline websites, serving you with a five-course meal of fare rates you can afford. Unless you can find a jackpot fare, you should keep looking for something that fits your airfare budget. Furthermore, airfare on the internet can change in a matter of seconds. When you compile a list of deals, go with the lowest rates or the best discounts.


When you get your booking down, the not so easy part of your trip planning is over. Next, you will need to wait for a confirmation on your email address about the bookings. Once you get it, you can forget about it for a while. However, it does not mean that you don’t go back and look at your reservation details after that. Bookings can change because the hotel owner or any accommodation reserves the right to cancel or change it without informing you. You can always keep your itinerary on your mobile phone to remember it. Some providers also allow you to opt for a notification service to receive updates on your phone when something changes.


These are the most obvious mistakes when making your next traveling plan. While every person has different opinions on planning a trip, these common errors are not difficult to avoid if you give everything attention and do a little homework. Remember to search for various accommodation, deals, plane tickets, and choose the one that fits your requirement the best. And do not sign up for multiple deals as they sometimes have hidden charges. Once you have everything under control, do your packing and leave for your trip. Happy holiday!