Shakuntali will help you find harmony with yourself

What is harmony? What does it mean to live in harmony? How to be in harmony with yourself? These questions have been on the minds of different thinkers throughout the history of mankind and at some point in life all people reflect on them.

Shakuntali explains that the Inner harmony is the proportion and correspondence of some things with others in the whole that make up the being, that is, every time we act in accordance with our values, that our actions honor our words and that we are honest with ourselves we are in harmony. Harmony is deeply connected with the balance of our mind, body and soul.

Shakuntali Siberia highlighted the highest happiness and harmony represents the way to achieve it. By being in harmony with yourself, you can welcome all the good that life has to offer.

Shakuntali suggestions to be in harmony with yourself

Shakuntali Siberia suggests to be in harmony with oneself, the idea of ​​perfection must be forgotten because being and living in balance is something else, it involves feeling happiness, fulfillment, fulfillment, satisfaction, acceptance, peace and working with consciousness to incorporate imperfection in our life.

Shakuntali shares some ideas we must take to be in harmony with ourselves. Most of them represent actions that we are completely familiar with and yet somehow we tend to avoid them, perhaps out of fear.

If you are afraid of becoming the best version of yourself and of achieving success, we invite you to participate in shamanic training, we are sure that in Shakuntali Siberia workshops you will find the tools you need to be in harmony with yourself.

1. Define where you are now

What have you got? What qualities do you have? What have you learned?

2. Define where you want to go and who you want to become

You can answer the same questions from the previous step, but thinking ahead. Set your goals and start doing something to reach them right away.

3. Accept all that you are, what you have and what you have done

Shakuntali Siberia recommends to summarize everything you have: family, friends, education, qualities, achievements, possibilities, etc. Do not forget about imperfections because they are also part of you and are essential in the discovery “how to be in harmony with yourself?”

4. Learn to listen to your mind

Shakuntali has a lot to tell you, but this can only happen if you listen to your mind, ask questions, and respect the answers.

5. Meditate

Meditation is the way to achieve the previous step. Shakuntali describes various techniques and methods, but they all include relaxation of the body and mind, concentrating on your own thinking and listening to your conscience. If you do it to clear your mind, after a few sessions, a lot of patience and concentration, amazing things can happen to you.

6. Respect your wants and needs

Shakuntali Siberia explains needs are personal prerequisites for happiness. We don’t learn to pay much attention to our needs, beyond the basics: food, water, and shelter. Television ads, popular culture, and the wishes of others dictate our “needs.” But, on a soul level, you don’t need a cooler car, a bigger ring, whiter teeth, or more parties.

What do you need then? According to Shakuntali, answering this question can be one of the most powerful transformations of your life and is vital in the process of how to be in harmony with yourself.