Seven Most Important Kitchen Appliances for Homes

Appliances can simplify your life to a great extent, and it is most apparent in the kitchens, where the presence of both large and small appliances can significantly help save time in your routine life. Today, technology has advanced to the extent that newer appliances are added to the market.

Of course, large kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators, are pivotal, but at the same time, the smaller appliances are equally important. These add to the convenience in the kitchen and thus are important.

This article will address a few small and big kitchen appliances, which are a must for every household. So let us get started and address them one by one. 

Coffee makers 

These are a vital inclusion in your kitchen. But, unlike the usual small appliances for the kitchencoffee makers are found outside the kitchen too. For example, several people keep coffee makers in the hotel rooms and offices. Well, why not? After all, who denies a cup of hot coffee to kickstart the day?  

‘I am a coffee lover and be it the pantry in my office or my home, a coffee machine is a mandatory inclusion,’ comments Maira, an associate with PassionateRunners. 


After a long day, nobody would want to go through the hassle of doing the dishes. Thus, having a dishwasher can be a significant relief. A good quality dishwasher can sanitize, clean, and dry the dishes.

So, before your next cooking session, you will have all your dishes clean and tidy. Some of the exceptional features you can find in a good dishwasher are an economy wash, delayed start, sanitize, and half load wash. A remarkable aspect of dishwashers is that they can help you clean the dishes neatly in less water.

Of course, a dishwasher can be on the costly side of the spectrum, but that depends on the kind of features you need from your dishwasher.  

Food processors

‘A household that cooks a lot of vegetables should have food processors. Typically, too, it is never the cooking part of food preparation that takes time, but actually the preparation involved. Chopping is one of the most important steps in the prep work.

Chopping all the veggies before you start the cooking can feel quite daunting. This is when you will need a good-quality food processor,’ points out Martha, an educator who offers financial modeling certification courses. 

Food processors can help you quickly chop the veggies. Certain food processors come with an array of blade attachments. So, you can pick the attachments you need and find a food processor that best satiates your needs.

If you have a small kitchen and cannot accommodate a full-size food processor, there are small choppers in the market, too, which can be extremely helpful. 

Electric kettle

If you drink a lot of hot beverages, an electric kettle is a good kitchen appliance for you. You can use it for heating water and make instant coffee, Maggie noodles, green tea, and an array of other hot beverages. It is a good pick for hostellers and everyone who enjoys a hot beverage now and then. You can also use it to boil a small quantity of water for pasta, soups, and even your vegetables.

However, the electric kettle you pick must be easy to use and very user-friendly. Hence, choose a kettle with an ergonomic design that allows easy liquid pouring without creating a mess.

Also, it should be compact and lightweight. This will make it travel-friendly. 

Some of the other advanced features you may find in the electric kettle include time control and temperature setting. These can come in handy when you have to cook a variety of food items. In addition, it is best to shop for an automatic kettle that can power off automatically when the water reaches the boiling point.

Lastly, a kettle must have a robust switch button and a sturdy and thick heating base, which adds to its durability. 

Immersion blender 

It is a vital kitchen appliance that you must always have on hand. You can use this tool to blend sauces, soups, and a variety of other liquids. The good thing about immersion blenders is that they are quicker to use than full blenders.

These are ideal for people who have a small kitchen or someone who does not need a full-size blender. You can conveniently use them to blend hot sauces and soups as you will not have to transfer your preparation out from the pot you are making it in.  

‘I have small kids at home. So, we make a lot of soups, especially during the cold weather. For this reason, an immersion blender is a must-have in my kitchen,’ shares Ruby, an associate with RazorHood. 


Another essential kitchen appliance, which is a must-have in your kitchen, is the microwave. You can use it for baking cakes or reheating the dishes. These electronic items are more than a necessity in today’s time.

Anytime you are in a hurry, you can use the microwave to prepare something quickly. Also, the device can help you steam vegetables, reheat the leftovers from the previous day, and boil the vegetables in only a few minutes.

If you enjoy baking, the microwave can be used to bake bread, cakes, and a lot more. In reality, there is an array of different ways in which you can use this device.  

‘I am a baker myself, and we enjoy a lot of bread, muffins, pizzas, and cakes at home. Hence, for me, a microwave is that necessary value-addition in the kitchen,’ comments Brian, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice. 

Knife set 

Typically, people believe that having one large chef knife will suffice for the kitchen, but that is not true. This is one tool that should be bought in a complete set. Also, when shopping for a knife set, look for one that comes in a complete block. It will help in the organization as you should not leave your knives scattered on the counter.

It would be best if you shopped for a knife set that comes with a paring knife, ideal for detail-oriented tasks, a chef’s knife perfect for slicing and dicing, a serrated knife to cut bread or fruits, such as watermelon, and a honing knife to keep your other knives sharp.  

So, these are the seven most important small and big kitchen appliances which are a must-have for all.