Smart Renovations: Get A Better Price For Your Home With These Quick Fixes

The need for renovations arise every few years, but it renovating need not be just about maintenance. There’s a lot of ways to add value to your house by renovating smartly.

In a recent interview, property renovation expert Cherie Barber shared her views on how homeowners can add value by renovating. “Focus on what’s visible,” says Cherie, “concentrate on the areas buyers love.”

Home Repair after Flood

By focusing on certain crucial parts of the house, you can generate a substantial return on your renovation investments. So, if you plan on getting the house redone in the near future, here are some quick fixes you should probably focus on:

Focus on the Look and Feel

Cherie recommends homeowners focus on the look and feel of the property to greatly boost its value. A fresh coat of paint or an updated look for the front entrance is likely to create an inviting atmosphere. A property that sets a good first impression is likely to fetch a much better price from a buyer. Buying a home is, after all, an emotional experience. Set the right mood and you’ll do wonders for the property’s value.


Bathrooms are one of two essential parts of the house that can make or break the selling price (we’ll get to the other one in just a bit).

Bathrooms need to be sparkling clean and updated with the best fixtures. Homeowners need to aim for luxurious and modern looking bathrooms. Focus on providing ample storage and lots of space. Small amenities like his and her vanities go a long way too.


Kitchens are arguably more important than bathrooms when it comes to selling a property. “It’s the engine of the whole house,” believes Cherie Barber. The quickest way to add value to your kitchen is to add in an island. An island bench can add space and create a hub for the entire family, which is really attractive to a homebuyer.


The best way to get the most bang for your buck while renovating is to try and add space to the property. The cheapest way to create more space is to minimize the furniture and change the layout. However, if your budget allows for an added bedroom, you can boost your property’s value by $30,000 to $150,000 depending on where you live. Space is the single most sought after feature of a property and adding more space is never a bad investment.


A fresh coat of paint and new light fittings are all essentials when you’re trying to sell a property. These renovations don’t cost a lot and are very likely to be noticed by homebuyers, which is what makes them so crucial. Go for energy efficient LED lights wherever possible (eco-friendly homes get a better price) and a lively color scheme throughout the house for best effects.

Renovating is almost a necessity when you own property, but with a well thought out plan you can make the most of your investment and add value to your home. Take a smarter approach to renovations and you’ll fetch a better price for your property when it’s time to sell.