Reasons Why You Should Be Working in the Healthcare Profession

Healthcare is one of the leading industries throughout the world – every single country requires medical help and, therefore, is a sector that will be around for as long as human life is on earth. Unlike other professions, however, healthcare is a calling. There is something unique and refreshing about helping others that cannot be said for many other job roles. If you have been considering working in healthcare for some time, this guide will give you some of the main reasons as to why you should make that move. Take a look at just a few below that could help you make a well-informed decision: 

Job Stability

There are very few industries in which you can guarantee that you will never be out of work. However, the healthcare industry allows professionals to use their services across the world, often without having to undergo a lengthy application process. You may be recommended by those you work with or be transferred to other locations, depending on where you are needed.

A study from the United Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the healthcare industry is set to grow by 18% in the next 5 years; which is a substantial rise compared to most other occupations. This figure has meant that more jobs than any other sector have been created in the last few years.
The reason for this huge growth is largely a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, but also due to an aging population that is placing huge demands on the healthcare sector and requires new professionals to join the industry. 

What is more, most healthcare centers are open on a 24/7 basis, which requires a large staff number to keep services rolling and the guarantee of securing full-time hours if desired. In some cases, overtime is usually offered if institutions are struggling to keep up with the demands, which allows you to earn on top of your salary.

Opportunities for growth

Unlike other sectors, healthcare allows you to progress in your field at a very quick pace without needing years of medical experience under your belt. Some sectors in the field only require you to undergo a year or two of training to receive a certificate, which opens up promotional opportunities. Most medical facilities are looking for individuals in all sectors of care, from basic level to senior positions, so if you are not afraid of continuous learning, you can work your way up the career ladder in just a few years.

The chance to help people

Healthcare is one of the only sectors in which you have the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life, regardless of your role. Day in and day out, you will be helping patients get through what is likely to be one of the most difficult moments of their life. You are their first point of call to give them the care and advice they need for their recovery. There are many different roles within healthcare in which you can make a change in someone else’s life. However, the job you go for all depends on what is most important to you. It is interesting to note that there has been a huge evolution in the nursing sector, which has allowed nurses to specialize in the area of their choice, thanks to advancements in technology and medical needs. Find out more here.

Some of the sectors in healthcare you could consider include:

  • Accident and Emergency
  • Mental health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Speech therapy

You could even consider administration or support roles that are not directly involved with the patient but manage all of the behind-the-scenes tasks to ensure they are receiving an adequate level of care. Administrative work is the glue that keeps health organizations together, and that’s exactly why an MHA degree has the best return of investment in education.

A stimulating work environment

Unfortunately, most workplaces can be tedious and to the point where you dread going to work every day. However, healthcare roles can be demanding and will keep you on your toes– you will be faced with a new challenge every day and will not have time to think about when home time is. You will be on your feet for up to 12 hours per day and will never know what you will expect once your shift starts– but this is what makes healthcare an exciting sector to work in. As a result, you are likely to finish each working day feeling a sense of fulfillment that you have managed whatever has been thrown your way.

Opportunities to travel the world 

Regardless of where in the world you live, your services will always be needed elsewhere. Therefore, if you’re someone who enjoys jetting off and seeing new places, having a healthcare background could certainly put you in a good position to secure work opportunities abroad, from large, bustling e cities to poorer communities. Travelling can be expensive, but you will get to see new places and earn money in the process by working in healthcare.

You will develop in your job role and personal life 

Healthcare is both physically and mentally demanding; however, being exposed to this sort of environment will make you a much stronger individual. You will soon develop emotional resilience to tough situations, be able to handle high-pressure, and keep your cool in an emergency. All of these factors are not just great for the workplace but will also be great for personal development. Healthcare also gives you the chance to work in new environments, communicate with new people, and experiment with new equipment, which are all skills that can be used in all aspects of our life.

Flexible hours

One of the misconceptions of healthcare is that you are always forced to work difficult hours, but in professions such as nursing, you are able to choose flexible shifts to fit around your commitments. This is because the 24-hour nature of nursing means there are plenty of shifts to choose from. You can well and truly say goodbye to the standard 9-5 if that does not work for you and instead work evenings or nights dependent on what is best for you.