Optimising your website for mobile use

One of the biggest tech stories last year was ‘mobilegeddon’. This saw many companies finding that their websites had been penalised in Google’s search engine rankings through not catering adequately for mobile users.


As mobile users now perform an increasingly large percentage of online tasks, it’s incredibly important that your website can be easily used on a variety of mobile devices. So whether you’re running a simple lifestyle blog, or even a online gaming resource, here are some tips to help you survive mobilegeddon.

Mobile versions

If you’ve already got an established website and you want to create a quick and easy mobile version, then there are dedicated resources such as bMobilised that can convert your website for mobile use. But if you’re starting your website from scratch and want to ensure that it covers mobile options, then the Blogger website building tool performs this task perfectly.

Whilst WordPress users would definitely want to investigate the Jetpack mobile theme that can display your website content in a clean and uncluttered format.


One of the biggest things that can turn off any mobile user is having to wait for a wide range of audio and visual media to load on their desired page. Annoying advertising or auto-play audio can swiftly lead to mobile users seeking alternative websites, so make sure that your site follows the lead of Euro Palace Casino who are able to detail their loyalty programme as well as their huge range of online casino games without the need for external advertising or annoying pop-up ads.

This concept of responsive-first website design is key to ensuring that a website that features such a varied content can provide a fresh and enjoyable experience for any user regardless of their mobile device’s specifications and screen size.

Downloadable content

Another way that Euro Palace has successfully aided mobile gamers is through allowing them to download a specialised gaming app so that their browser isn’t having to work too hard. Many other brands have used this to great effect with the likes of the Amazon app that enables the user to browse the company’s massive selection of goods without placing too much strain on the browser.

Such moves come at a time when many people have stated that we could soon be moving into a post-browser age with web users using a bare minimum of apps to satisfy their web experience. And with the likes of Appmakr providing a way to create your own apps with a similar amount of ease as to making a webpage, it could signal a brave new way to promote your activities in the online domain.