Getting Your Website to be Compliant Doesn’t Have to be Complicated – Meet accessiBe

Having an accessible website is vital. However, getting there can be a different story – causing many to give up part-way. That’s all changing now thanks to the services of companies like accessiBe. Using intuitive software, a website can be made accessible in a short time and in a simple manner. 

To see what all the fuss is about, we had a sift through some recent reviews of the service. Here’s a summary of what we found.

Existing customers are satisfied with the product. It is cost efficient and work efficient as well. As one of the customers said, there’s no need to reformat or re-do anything. The software handles it all automatically, saving much time, effort and expense. The implementation is fast and the website can be used right away. There’s also a lot of options to choose from which is a huge bonus.

The support team is also ready to help out. accessiBe is prompt with the response whenever they are in need, answering queries right away. The interface is user friendly too. As one customer noted, she is not much of a techie person, but still found it straightforward and easy to understand.

accessiBe is helping companies’ websites to be more accessible and assures them that they are compliant by providing reports in a timely manner. These reports can also be sent to legal departments for their own record.

All-in-all, customers recommend accessiBe as they are fast, reliable, accessible and know what they are doing. Willing to help and assuring customers that they will receive great support.

We’re certainly massive fans. We already admired what accessiBe were doing, and truly believe that more focus needs to be put on the usability of all websites – no one should have their internet usage hampered by poorly designed and built websites. But, having looked closer at the service and the comments from active users, we’ve got to give them a huge thumbs up!