Jeff Lupient Wife – Keys to Staying Calm in the Business World

If there is anyone who knows about the highly charged, high pressure, chaotic world of business it is Jeffrey W. Lupient, a highly successful business man here in Minneapolis, St Paul Area, Minnesota. Jeff Lupient has an automative company here and since graduating from Hamline University he has lead an illustrious and highly successful career in business management. Recently we were fortunate to have a quick chat with the man himself, who spoke to us about the importance of staying cool, calm and collected in the world of business. Jeff Lupient MN tells us that losing his head is something which he never does, and these are the reasons why.

His Spouse

Jeff Lupient wife has always been supportive of him and he says that without her influence he would not be the man that he is today. She serves as a constant source of inspiration and motivation and she understands him perfectly. Jeff Lupient refers to his wife as a star who is able to keep him calm, focused and driven. He says that without her, there is no way that he could’ve achieved all that he has.


Everyone has different ways that they combat stress and for Jeff it is to go and knock 7 bells out of a punchbag. He says that he started boxing 4 years ago and quickly realized that it was the perfect way to blow off steam after a tough day. Jeff now boxes 4 times per week after work and he says that when he doesn’t get enough gym time in, he can feel his stress levels rising far quicker than when he is able to beat up the punchbag on an evening.


Jeff Lupient says that when he was in his early 20s he used to get highly strung when he was in the office and would often become something of a monster in the workplace. He knew that he needed to curb this and so he decide to start meditating just after lunchtime each day. He found instant success with this and so he now has it as part of his daily routine, each day after lunch he will take some time out just for him. Jeff says that meditation helps him to stay calm, organize his thoughts and re-energize ahead of the afternoon.

Hours Worked

For many years Jeff was putting in 60,70 or 80 hour weeks in an effort to make his business as successful as he possibly could. He quickly realized however that whilst he was putting the hours in, they weren’t productive hours and that instead of working harder and for longer, he had to work smarter. To gain the perfect work/life balance, Jeff now limits himself to 10 hours per day and will never break this rule. This allows Jeff the time to relax with his family and invest sufficient time into the business.