The Mercy Foundation Helps the Poor Help Themselves

When most people think about alleviating poverty and helping the poor, they often only think of giving donations. However, the Joseph Johnson Welfont believes this would create dependency and does not acknowledge the fact that the poor are perfectly capable of pulling themselves out of poverty. As a result, a vicious cycle is created, consisting of the ever present need for even more donations.  What if there is another method, one that allows the poor to become self reliant and self sustaining instead of just focusing on scraping by for survival? Joe Johnson, CEO of the Welfont Group believes lending the poor micro loans is the way to go. These micro loans are usually used by the poor, especially in Third World countries, to help start or expand their small businesses. This helps them get out of poverty and improve their quality of life. Instead of just being able to afford the bare necessities, they can afford better education for their children, or renovate their dilapidated house, or even start a second business. This way, the poor no longer need donations as they now can take care of themselves.


Joe Johnson’s Welfont Group Sustains the Mercy Foundation

The micro loans that the Mercy Foundation disburses to the poor originate from the Welfont Group, a very successful commercial real estate brokerage. The genius of the Welfont Group is that it specializes in acquiring under-utilized and distressed real estate properties, fixing them up and then rents or sells them for higher prices. It also helps its customers to find, analyze, finance, purchase, manage and sell commercial real estate properties. Chief Executive Officer Joe Johnson believes that micro loans given by the Welfont Group through the Mercy Foundation is money well spent indeed. To date, the Mercy Foundation has given out micro loans to people in over fifty countries, spread out over six continents except Antarctica. These loans are then used to start or expand various small businesses in many different industries like retail, art, education, health, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and many more.

The Mercy Foundation’s Micro Loans Work Wonders for Anacleto from Peru

A 67 year old coffee farmer in Peru, Anacleto now has peace of mind because he knows he can rely on the Mercy Foundation’s continuing micro loans to afford the extra money he needs in order to increase both his farm production and product quality. He currently utilizes the money he receives as micro loans to pay for fertilizers and extra labor that would translate into a timely harvest and increased profits. He is confident that he can even get more customers for his popular coffee beans. Anacleto sees a future where he would be self sufficient and not need to rely on micro loans anymore. In the meantime, he is also very proud to be able to repay all his micro loans on a timely manner. Indeed, it was Anacleto’s trustworthiness that made him a good candidate to receive micro loans. With hard work, he sees a bright future.