How to Find the Best Student Accommodation Near the University of Sydney

With Sydney, Australia welcoming so many international students every year, it now boasts of being a great city for students. With a relaxed vibe and laid back culture, who can say no to studying in Sydney?

Just out of high school and moving out of the home to an unknown place and a new university can be a thrilling and one of a kind experience. And one crucial factor in deciding that is finding the right student accommodation.

As Sydney is home to many renowned universities like the University of Sydney, Notre Dame, and more, it is also filled with good student accommodations offering various services. A few places also offer a virtual tour of the student accommodation to make your choice easier; visit website for one such experience.

So, how to find the best student accommodation near the University of Sydney?

Choose the Type of Housing

You can either go for dormitories or apartments according to your comfort when it comes to different housing types. Both of the housing types have their advantages. If you are a student at the University of Sydney, you can choose university accommodation. 

A better option is looking for off-campus housing near the University of Sydney. There are plenty of single private apartments in the neighbouring areas that provide freedom regarding amenities and location. 

Work Out Your Financial Aspects

Along with the rent, you will also have to set aside money for electricity, internet, furniture, gas, and more. For some properties, you will be in a position to pay a bond, which is the equivalent of four weeks rent. If the housing you choose is not near Sydney University, you have to add in the entire year’s cost of travel.

But not everyone can afford to pay for all these aspects. It is better to look for student accommodation near the University within walking distance to cut down expenses. 

A few student housings near Broadway, Sydney, like the ones you can see if you are near the University of Sydney and are connected to all transport hubs and amenities. 

If you are a student at Sydney University or Notre Dame University, Central Park Precinct is a prime place to look for student accommodations.

Apartments and Boarding Houses

Other than the usual dorms and flat-shares, there are many new housing options available around the Broadway area near Sydney University. You can go for shared spaces in privately owned apartments and other low-cost accommodations near the campus.

There are many purpose-built student apartments in the Central Park Precinct, which are a good option, especially if you are an international student. Living here will allow you to explore Sydney independently and stay in the vibrant student community’s vicinity.

Many such student accommodations in Broadway, Sydney, offer great city views, social spaces to meet people, private spaces for studying, and more. 

Compare Rates & Ask Questions

Before you visit a property:

  1. Make a list of questions to ask the property manager or the landlord.
  2. Ask if there are extra charges for alarm systems and security. The internet, food, utilities, and laundry can sometimes be charged extra.
  3. So make sure you ask them whether it covers under the rental.

Don’t forget to ask if you are allowed to bring guests and which facilities in the complex are shared and private. Last but not least, enquire about parking. Ask each of these questions to every place you see, compare the rates and choose the right one. 

If you are going to be a part of the University of Sydney, you are all set as Sydney has a place and option suited for everyone. Find the right place to settle in near the University and experience the Aussie sun. Rest Assured, you can make the most of living in Sydney and brighten your future.