How to Tone the Most Difficult Parts of Your Body

You’ve been hitting the gym regularly and you’re extremely proud of how you’ve stuck to your diet. Now, where the heck are the results?

The unfortunate reality is that a lot of people will start their fitness journey because they have a specific area they would like to trim. And the odds are good that this area is one of the 3 areas that everyone else wants to trim… which also happen to be the most notoriously difficult areas.

So, if you’re struggling to tone these 3 areas of your body, you’re not alone. And you have options.

The Neck and Chin

The sight of newly formed double chins or jowls in candid pictures has been enough to send millions of people to the gym over the years.

Now, this sudden motivation is also coming from people having to work from home and log onto Zoom calls every day. Most people can’t help but stare at their own faces on video calls, while obsessing over their neck and chin areas.

You may find a few exercises online that promise to trim these areas. You may also find that these exercises don’t work and they look ridiculous.

However, you could tone these areas with a simple neck lift. What is a neck lift? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a safe and effective plastic surgery that removes unwanted fat and skin from the neck area, leaving you with a more define jaw area.

The Core and Stomach

It’s hard to say what makes sit-ups such a hateful motion. It could be the discomfort you experience doing them. Or it could be the fact that they don’t really work.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. Sadly, all of your favourite foods are also made in the kitchen and trimming your core area requires a serious commitment to diet. This commitment is often sustainable for the short term (i.e. I’ll go on keto for 3 months), but the pounds and inches return when you return to your favourite foods.

If you’re living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle right now, but you’re just short of your body goals, you’re actually the perfect candidate for a body contouring treatment. Something like a liposuction procedure could help you remove the unwanted fat that you can’t seem to shed, and then healthy living would help prevent the weight from coming back.

The Legs and Butt

Take everything we just said about the core area, and now apply it to your legs. It’s possible to run for miles and do thousands of squats, yet still see unwanted cellulite and fat deposits. It’s absolutely maddening.

In these situations, it may be best to look into non-surgical body contouring solutions like CoolSculpting or VelaShape treatments. These procedures are safe and effective ways of targeting and trimming the lower body’s tough-to-tone areas.

Are these solutions magic wands that you wave to remove unwanted fat? No. Are they more targeted approaches that can help reach the fat that exercise can’t? In most cases, yes.

They could be worth your while if you feel like you’ve done everything you can in the gym and in the kitchen.