How to Be a Responsible Cannabis Smoker

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is finally here, a day that many of us have been eagerly awaiting. But with the freedom to smoke marijuana come great responsibilities. There are still rules to follow and etiquette that just makes sense. Stay safe, stay respectful, and you can enjoy your favorite strains freely. Here’s how you can be a responsible cannabis smoker now that legalization has finally arrived. 

Keep Away From Children

This has to be an obvious one but still needs to be said. Just like with tobacco smoke, there are side effects to secondhand marijuana smoke. In fact, research has proven that cannabinoids can enter the system through secondhand smoke. Find a child-free zone or set up parameters to make sure no minor gets close to your secondhand smoke.

Don’t Smoke At The Workplace

You’re always going to need a way to blow off steam and let go of workplace stress, and cannabis is a great way to unwind, find your creativity, and forget about the workday. But your coworkers don’t need to hear about your wild ideas after you’ve relaxed. Smoking at the workplace is a serious issue and in many environments it can lead to your termination or endanger you or your coworkers. At the end of the day, rules around smoking at work are up to your employer. Just like alcohol, while cannabis may be legal, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy it anywhere, any time.

Know Where You Can Smoke

Different provinces and cities are laying different rules for where you can smoke. In some provinces, you will be allowed to ingest marijuana more or less in the same places you can smoke tobacco, with exceptions like your car and areas where there are children. In some places, private property may be the only place it’s allowed.

Don’t Get High and Drive

Don’t get high and drive. This goes for residential roads, the freeway, the back road, your driveway, or anywhere. Driving under the influence of cannabis is still considered impaired driving, and Canada has introduced new drug-impaired driving rules to test for cannabis intoxication in drivers. Driving under the influence of cannabis increases your risk of a car crash and you can endanger your life and others. Be responsible and don’t smoke and drive.

Share The Love

Pretty quickly Canada is going to be inundated with dispensaries and different strains. Let people know about your new discoveries. There are tons of dispensaries popping up, including the latest, Starbuds, making a big splash in Western Canada. They’ve made it easier and safer to explore new strains and flavors. Share your new favorites from Starbuds and other dispensaries.

There you have it! Follow these simple guidelines to becoming a responsible cannabis smoker and you won’t need to worry about a thing. In fact, there is one more rule and it’s arguably the most important: Help others become responsible cannabis smokers by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or slip it through your friends DMs! Spread the word.