Planning for Group Fun at a Casino

Casino trips are fun, but they often fail to bring groups closer together. There’s a high likelihood that you’ll lose your friends and family on the gaming floor. Everyone heads in different directions, to play the games they like. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If fun group activities are what you’re after, the casino probably has what you’re looking for.

Gaming As A Group

Most casinos have slots, tables games, and more. These large gaming floors, while impressive, make it difficult for groups to get machines right next to one another. Top casinos like Sycuan Casino in San Diego, for example, have taken this fact into consideration and have created a dedicated bingo room. The San Diego bingo room at Sycuan Casino has ample seating and allows for groups to game side-by-side. For team building retreats, family getaways, and more this allows for group bonding and gambling – exactly what you came for.

Another way to game as a group is to play table games where there’s seating all-around the table. If you go to a casino in Minnesota some examples of table games are Three Card Poker and Blackjack. If your group isn’t too large, grab a chair at one of these games and play together. You may even be allowed to determine amongst yourselves what the limits for the game are, so long as the dealer has offered this to your group.

Keep in mind, you’ll be competing against each other. If you don’t think you can handle taking your Mom’s money or losing to your Dad, consider another activity. Significant losses can ruin a casino group getaway, so take it easy on your loved ones. If anyone gets bent out of shape, it may be time to move on to another activity.

Leisure And Resort Activities

Lots of casinos are resorts, but even those that are not still offer some non-gambling activities. There’s probably a bar on site featuring live local music. Or, there may be a larger entertainment venue that offers tickets to magic shows, concerts, and more. Ask a casino worker where you can view their listing of activities. They probably have coupons or promotional booklets detailing the entertainment you’re interested in.

If sports are your thing, there’s always someplace to watch a game at a casino. Sports betting is a very popular hobby, so you’ll have the option to place bets or simply enjoy the game with your crew. Typically, there’s a dedicated sports area or sports are played at the bar, but if you don’t drink that’s no problem. Get a virgin cocktail and settle in to chat with your friends.

If the above isn’t your cup of tea, consider booking your group for a spa session or taking setting out on a shopping excursion. If you’re staying at a hotel onsite, you could also hit the gym or go swimming.

Dine In

One of the best things about casinos is the food they offer. If your group is large, make sure to call ahead and book reservations. This will ensure they already have a large table ready for you. Even if you’re visiting a buffet, restaurants should be prepared for large groups; otherwise, you may find yourself waiting an extended time for a table to open up.

There are lots for groups to do at casinos, and it’s not all about the gambling. If you want to stay together, you absolutely can and you can still gamble too. It’s all about careful planning, looking at your options, and exploring everything the casino has to offer.