How Many Days Do You Need to Stay in Key West

Key West, sprinkled with gorgeous beaches, sparkling white sand, palm trees, are a real delight while traveling on pleasant weather to this place. So, are you being unclear about the number of days to stay in this beautiful island city?

Well, it takes about three days to immerse yourself in the culture of this city and maybe a few more days to understand truly the people and the culture.

Whether you are planning for a week or less, you need to get an ESTA visa, and for that, filling the esta application us is a must. You will receive your application soon after you fill the form, and you are all set to go to Key West.

Can You Really See Cuba from Key West?

With Cuba and Key West having a close relationship with each other due to their cultural significance, there are 90 miles apart, and Cuba cannot be seen from Key West even on a bright clear day.

Though there are presumptions that Cuba can be viewed from Key West, for the most part, it is almost invisible. However, you can watch the sun setting down and have a great evening in Key West walking, along the beach, and listening to the sound of whispering waves hit the shore. You can also go on adventure activities and have an unforgettable day in Key West.

Fort Zachary Beach Key West Sunset Celebration

If you are always fascinated about watching sunsets, being a part of the Sunset Celebration can heighten your excitement when in Key West. Mallory Square is known for the sunset celebration with street performers, exquisite food, and more.

But Fort Zachary Beach is a hidden gem as it is not visited by many tourists. So, if you are someone who loves being a part of a small group of people, Fort Zachary Beach is the one for you. Two hours before sunset, the celebration commences where you can experience the diversity of culture and enjoy the festive mood.

Dancing to live music, watching the performers perform stunning stunts, and seeing the setting of the sun with changing colours of the sky by the beach is visually pleasing. So, when in Key West, never miss the sunset celebration to have an amazing time with your loved ones.

Restaurants near Mallory Square

Apart from the conch-style architecture, Key West is known for its cuisine too. Since it is an island city, seafood is quite popular.

To devour the authentic Key West cuisine, restaurants offer the best dining experience to the tourists. Here are some of the top restaurants to have a nice meal in the town.

  1. First Flight Island Restaurant and Brewery

After a long day, you can visit this Brewery to have a delicious meal outdoor. Since it is outdoor dining, the impressive dining lights and the ambiance can enhance your overall experience.

  1. Rooftop Cafe

With excellent food and a dreamy setting, you can have a pleasant dining experience at Rooftop Cafe. A gorgeous view of the street can be seen from the top, making it the best dining place for all.

  1. Latitudes on Sunset Key

Overlooking the spectacular clear blue sea, visiting this restaurant makes you go back again once you leave. It gives a pleasant vibe, and the food is next to awesome.

  1. Hard Rock Cafe

With exotic food on the menu and an exotic location, Hard Rock Cafe is yet another cafe that offers the best service to its customers. Though popular among locals, it definitely is worth a visit.

  1. Bagatelle

To have a cool and quiet evening, visit Bagatelle, where you get to enjoy a wonderful meal with a fine dining experience. Key West never ceases to bring the best to its people ever.

Wrapping it Up

Key West is an exotic location and is the place for snorkelling, diving, and other adventure sports, along with a historical significance of its own. There are plenty of exciting things to do here, and you can never go back dissatisfied.

Right from the pristine beaches, to its architecture, this island city is comprised of everything that a person wants to experience. So, if you have applied for your ESTA visa, you can check the esta visa status on the official portal and get your Visa to Key West in no time. ESTA visa applies to those under the VWP and checks if the person is eligible before entering a different state.

If you have decided to travel to Key West with your friends or family, apply for ESTA Visa online, preferably days before your trip for a stress-free travel experience to this gorgeous city. Key West is truly a gem that lets you enjoy to your fullest when here.