Great looking summer hair: How to care for your hair like a pro

summer hair

Summer must surely be one of the most popular seasons of the year. Those long, sunny days to warm us up after winter are a real treat for everyone around the globe. When you add in that summer usually means BBQ’s at friends, holidays abroad or time just chilling in the garden, it is no wonder why so many of us love it. One key thing to think about when it comes to health and beauty over these hotter months though is your hair. Taking steps to keep your hair in great condition and looking fabulous is definitely worthwhile. This will not only keep your hair shiny and gorgeous but also mean you look your best, wherever you go.

The humid conditions we see in summer means your haircare may be different to winter or autumn. If you need some awesome hair care tips for great looking summer hair, the below should come in handy.

Viabrance hair care system

One great way to look after your locks over summer is with the luxurious Viabrance hair care system – there is more on Twitter about this innovative product if you want shiny, manageable hair all season long. It is made up of an effective hair regrowth serum, a fabulously scented follicle booster and some cute hair gummies for extra shine. When used together, this range of products will help your hair to continue to look amazing over summer without being adversely affected by the heat or humidity. All the products in this range are natural and FDA approved which makes them totally safe to use. If you want a beauty product to help your hair recover from any sun damage and environmental pollution, this is it.

Think about having a change

One great way to care for your hair when summer is on the way is to change your hairstyle. The heavier cuts you may have had over winter will be too hot and long for sunnier climes. Instead, it is a good idea to go for something lighter and more textured, like a wavy bob or simply just going a little shorter with more layers. As well as giving you a fab new look to rock, this will help to get rid of any split ends and damaged hair to leave your new locks looking fabulous.

Make dry shampoo your new best friend

We all love the sun and lying out on a lounger, drink in hand. However, when the sun has been beating down for a while, you may start to sweat on top of your head, even if you have a hat on. A great hair care tip over the balmier months is to have a small bottle of dry shampoo handy at home or in your bag when out. This means you can quickly spritz some on in the bathroom and get your hair looking gorgeous and non-greasy again. It works really quickly once applied to your roots and will soak up any natural oils that the sun’s heat have produced.

Try to limit how much heat your hair gets

One great summer hair care tip is to limit the amount of heat your hair actually gets each day. If your hair is exposed to bright sunshine and heated styling accessories regularly, it could soon get damaged. Instead, try to go for a more natural look that does not need things like straighteners to achieve. If you also make sure to wear a hat or headscarf when the sun is at its hottest outside, you will be doing all you can to stop heat damage from becoming a problem. This in turn will help give you healthy and beautiful looking hair for the whole summer.

Wash hair after swimming

One of the best things about the hotter months is diving into a swimming pool at home or the sea when on holiday. While this is lots of fun, it is not ideal for hair care! Salt in seawater and chlorine in pool water can all damage hair over time. The best way to avoid this is washing hair thoroughly after swimming to remove any salt or chlorine. It is also a good idea to use a nourishing hair mask once a week to help it recover fully.

Healthy looking summer hair made easy

If you are looking for the best summer hair care tips, the above is a great place to start. The tips we have looked at cover the most common issues with hair care when hot and also how to keep your hair in great shape with certain products. Summer is such a great time and by following the above advice, you can enjoy it to the full with awesome hair.