Need a New Look – Change Up Your Hair

It’s spring. Time for spring clean outs and wardrobe refreshing. What else can you do to freshen up your look? Have you thought about changing up the look of your hair? Sometimes doing something a little different with your hair is all you need to feel revived and ready to take on the world.

Need a New Look - Change Up Your Hair

Hair Extensions

Are you craving that long, tousled look of summer hair? Tired of your short hair that seems to always look the same? Maybe it’s time to consider some hair extensions. You can do them yourself, using a product like AiryHair, or have them done by a professional. When doing extensions yourself, opt for a reputable brand of well made hair so you get your money’s worth. Clip in hair extensions are really easy to do yourself and you can put them in and out as you wish, changing your look as much as you want. If you want a more permanent look, you may choose to have someone else put them in for the best look. This is one way to get that long, luscious hair for the spring and into the summer. Remember you can treat extensions just like your own hair – no one will ever know!

Hair Color

With hair color, you have so many options from highlights and lowlights to subtle brightening to an all new color. If nothing else, you can get those stray grays covered up to feel fresh. Check out some of the top trends for this year in hair color, like “ronze” a beautiful of copper red and bronze, or fun color in your bangs. Blondes are still going blonder and brown is always in as well. You can go subtle with natural tone high and low lights, or go bright, fun and springy with tones of orange, pink or blue dip dyed on your ends or splashed through your bangs.

A New Cut

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve visited your hairdresser. We’re all busy and it’s hard to find the time to get to the hair salon. However, for a great spring clean up on yourself, make that appointment. Even if you keep the same style, a fresh cut will do wonders for you. Get those dead ends snipped away and some softness around your face. Or maybe you’ll opt for a whole new look through a new cut. Talk to hairdresser to see what will work with your face and lifestyle. You don’t neat to commit to a cut that takes a lot of work if you’re not willing to put in the time.

New Product for a New Look

All winter you’ve been flat ironing your hair for a sleek modern look. Now you’re ready for some soft spring waves. All it may take is a new product and a little change up in your styling regiment. See what is out there in the world of product -whether it’s a new styling gel or a spray to promote beach waves. Check out Pinterest for some great ways to style your hair. For instance, to get those soft waves, wrap your hair in a towel when it’s damp. Brush it out first before wrapping, and make sure it’s loose enough to dry to promote soft waves. Make sure you add your product when you’re supposed to, like on wet hair or before putting heat to your hair. Some products do better with heat; some don’t need it at all.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories, like a new product, are a fun way to change up your look without a commitment. Fun accessories, like headbands, especially Alice bands, hair jewels and hair chokers are all the rage now. You don’t have to spend much and you don’t have to do much, but you can still have some fun and change up your look.

Your hair is part of your wardrobe and spring calls for refreshing it. So whether you decide to go with luscious extensions or a simple Alice band or something in between like cut or color, check out some of the new fun ways to wear your hair and let yourself try something new! You’ll love it!

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