Four Things You Should Never Vacuum and Why

Vacuum cleaners are an efficient solution for many cleaning needs in households, companies, and institutions. However, just like other machines, they can breakdown if they’re not serviced or used correctly as per their designated purpose. They are designed to be better for some cleaning activities than for others, and this causes problems if wrongly used. There are several ways, in which people break down their vacuum cleaners, with or without their knowledge. To keep your vacuum cleaner functional, here are several things you should avoid.

1. Remains of Ground Coffee from Coffee Maker Machines

The easiest way to damage your vacuum cleaner is through clogging. Although they may seem like a perfect quick solution to spills, vacuum cleaners are not suitable for coffee spills. The wet coffee gets into your filter, ruining its internal mechanism by clogging pipes and the motor. After several uses, the vacuum cleaner is bound to malfunction or completely break down. Every vacuum needs well-maintained filters to work at maximum efficiency.

2. Clumps of Natural or Synthetic Hair

Hair is as harmful to the vacuum cleaner as it is to the drainage. When you use your vacuum cleaner to clean out the hair, the fibres get stuck on the filters, causing them to clog up. Once hair clogs up your cleaner, it will need to be fished out for the cleaner to function fully again.

3. Big Particles Like Shattered Glass and Plant Debris

Big particles include hard objects like dead leaves around the compound and shattered glass pieces from windows, doors, or broken cutlery. Apart from motor and pipes, the vacuum cleaners have filters inside whose function is to keep your vacuum cleaner running efficiently. The filters are essential, and it takes several of them to keep the cleaner working. When the vacuum gets clogged, it damages the ability of the filters to work. That is why they need to be washed and cleaned regularly.

Even if you are using your vacuum cleaner for the right purposes, filters need to be replaced, washed and cleaned regularly. To maintain your vacuum’s operational efficiency, you need to use quality filters like Dyson filter replacement. Before washing filters in cold water as recommended, make sure the cleaner is disconnected from the power source and dry the filters for a minimum of 24 hours before replacing them.

4. Wet Foods and Anything Else Moist

By design, many vacuum cleaners are better equipped to clean up dust and dirt particles. Instead of risking clogging, it is better to use paper towels or wipes on any wet spills that need cleaning. Vacuuming water is dangerous because of the risk of electrocution. Even after cleaning wet surfaces, the mess left behind in its internal dustbin causes further clogging.

Dry surface vacuum cleaners are the most common. However, if your cleaning needs require more than just dry surface vacuum cleaners, you can contact, Spares2you. They offer quality filter replacements and deals on dry and specialized vacuums that can be used for both dry and wet vacuuming. They could also be great for emergency liquid spills clean-up.