Everest Business Funding Offers Timely Tips for Customer-Based Marketing

Customers can build a company up just as quickly as they can tear it down, especially with the platform social media provides for the average consumer to have a voice. Marketing specialists realize that in today’s advertising world, attention-grabbing posts or a certain number of clicks are not enough. Consumers’ needs should be at the forefront of marketing strategies to effectively market a product or service.

Everest Business Funding is an organization that provides alternative finance options and revenue-based funding to small business owners. Treating each business owner as a respectable partner, understanding in depth each company and its operations, and delivering guaranteed quality service is what makes Everest Business Funding a small business owner’s trusted associate. The alternative finance organization can reach many business owners through customer-based marketing and offers timely tips on how any company can incorporate such a strategy into its operations.

Tip #1: Grant Multiple Ways for Customers to Access Service

Regardless of the business, a consumer will want to get in touch with a company to address an issue. That is why customer service is so important: it gives consumers the right to have a voice in the products and services they receive. Companies should make it easy for consumers to get in touch with customer service by offering multiple ways to connect, including email, live chat, phone, and social media. Marketing research should include a closer look at how targeted audiences like to communicate and incorporate that means of commination into customer service. Doing so will better relieve the chance for consumers to complain about not being able to receive help or be heard.

Tip #2: Ask What the Customer Wants

It is better not to beat around the bush or even take an educated guess on what consumers need. Instead, asking the customer directly will pay off immensely for building company operations or enhancing services and products. When looking for areas to make productive marketing investments, spend resources and energy on interviewing customers, and seeking out areas of growth that the consumer provides insight to and act on creating and marketing those changes.

Tip #3: Create Loyal Customers

An excellent way to create customer loyalty is through a rewards program. Marketing a rewards program will give consumers a feel-good incentive to spend their money with a company since they get something in return. Rewards can be discounts, free gifts, or points per purchase that add something significantly beneficial.

Tip #4: Try Being a Customer

Businesses that want to proactively market to consumers and improve customer service get to know their consumers by taking a walk in their shoes to see better how their operations can improve a customer experience. That could be walking through an entire consumer experience, from selecting a social media ad to making a purchase on the company’s website to observing any flaws in the buying process to calling customer service and acting like a customer expressing concern. Marketing teams can also do an ethnography to watch targeted audiences using company products.

About Everest Business Funding

Everest Business Funding is a small business owner’s trusted partner. They support entrepreneurs by providing them with working capital to expand their business and operations. The entire application, approval, and funding process is completed in record time. When you need cash for equipment, staff, renovations, inventory, marketing, or anything else, Everest Business Funding can help.