How to Choose the Best Motorized Ceiling TV Mount System

Watching your favorite show while resting on the couch with a sizzling cup of hot chocolate is the biggest joy of life. But, it won’t be delightful if you are not able to be comfortable while relaxing. 

Big TV cabinets or wall-mounted TVs may not always be the preferred option due to the lack of several features. That’s where a motorized ceiling TV mount can make life easier for you. 

With this mounting system, you can hang your TV from the ceiling and comfortably binge-watch your loved shows without cramping your neck.

What Are Motorized Ceiling TV Mounts?

The Ceiling TV mount kits come with poles extending from the ceiling for more than 3 feet. Others offer full motion brackets. This allows hanging TVs from the angled ceilings. 

The high-end motorized kits enable a TV to move from an out-of-the-way position to be posed against the ceiling or move to a viewing position through the remote control. These mounts permit the users to level, rotate, and adjust the TV viewing angle for the optimal position of viewing. 

All You Need to Know About Motorized Ceiling TV Mounts

A motorized ceiling TV mount can bring a lot of perks. It decreases the eye and neck strains. This is also a space-saving product suitable for those with limited areas allotted for home entertainment or office equipment. It is one of the major reasons why more people have started to install this mount in their offices and homes. 

Myths around the Motorized Ceiling TV Mounts 

Quite a few still hesitate to utilize the motorized TV mounts. It is actually quite dangerous, according to some, to make the TVs dangle from the ceilings and walls. This is especially the case if the motorized equipment is used to tilt the televisions time and again. There is also another myth that setting up the TVs with motorized mounts is quite complicated. 

But as opposed to that, the reality is quite different. The motorized TV mounts are designed to benefit the inherent forms of the latest plasma, LED, LCD flat-screen TVs. You may have already noticed the screws and bolts that are equipped into the frame of the TV. These make it evident that your television set is built to be mounted. 

Added to that, a lot of motorized TV mounts are easy-to-operate and simple-to-install. You won’t need any technical expertise to fasten the TV securely to a motorized mount. To make up your mind, you may need help apprising you about the different types of motorized ceiling TV mount. It will assist you in making an informed decision. 

Types of Motorized Ceiling TV Mounts

  • Drop Down – It includes a metal pole attached to a ceiling bracket. The TV mounts to the frame at the end of the pole. This is an adjustable pole where the TV can hang from the pole by as little as a few inches to 3 feet. With this, you can rotate the TV by 360 degrees, and the tilt of the TV can vary from 0 to 25 degrees. With the leveling adjusters, the TV can rotate to the left or right by 3-5 degrees. They are ideal for rooms with limited wall space or high ceilings. This is great for space-saving. 
  • Flip Down –When not using this mount keeps the TV against the ceiling in a horizontal position. It comes with a remote control operated motor that helps it to move between open and closed positions. So whenever you wish to watch TV, just a click on the remote control can bring down the TV into operating mode.
  • Full-Motion – A full-motion TV mount is the same as that of a drop-down mount. This mount type comes with metal poles extending from the ceiling. The bracket that is attached to the back of the TV includes tilts and leveling adjustments. But a full-motion mount, unlike the standard drop-down counterpart, allows the pole angle to be adjusted at the bracket that holds it to the ceiling. Mounting TVs to angled ceilings like the low knee wall in the second-story rooms are made easy by full-motion TV mounts.  

Now that you know the types of ceilings, you should choose based on the size of the TV, ceiling type of your house and placement, the weight of the TV, and of course, the installation processes. 

Only then will you end up with the ideal motorized ceiling TV mount that will cater to your needs and enable your money’s real value. You can also check the best online guides to make this decision.