Cloud Practitioner: 7 Simple Tips to Be Successful Professional


Now, some claim you can get your certification in ten days or so. That might be true, but today, I am going to show you how to get a true cloud practitioner certification through a thoughtful process and hard work.

Why does getting the right aws certification matter?

The right cloud aws certification means you have some of the more in-demand skills on the market. It also shows that you took your education seriously, and went through the proper channels.

Yes, some sites do offer quick and easy access to certification. However, the quick and easy route might not be a credible one.

More and more companies are turning to cloud computation to handle their most personal and professional information. That is one of the main reasons why you need to have those skills through credible channels if you are going to maintain a highly-regarded reputation.

The Right Candidate

Those graduates who are the right candidates will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Some people like to get their certification online and then look for a job. The best way to stand out is to already have cloud practitioner experience under your belt while you are seeking your certification. The real-world experience will also showcase special skills that others might not have the privilege to see. Showcasing those special skills comes in handy when you go for that job interview.

It shows them that you worked your way up, and earned your way the hard way. Most companies are going to choose someone who has an intensive background and knowledge in things like cloud architecture as opposed to someone who just the Wikipedia version.

Not to say that the Wikipedia version does not have some credible information(because it does). You need, however, more training and education to pass the bar.

What About The Employer?

Most bosses within an IT construct do have to have training too. The information changes daily. The skills needed to change regularly too. The skill level you needed last year might not what is required now. You might need more education and core IT training now then you did six months ago.

The reasons the executives for IT firms need the same training is because they need to hire the right person. How will they know what is needed if they are not aware of that information themselves?

How do Long Will Training and Education take?

Say, for example, you already have a job that takes up most of your time. You are going to need at least 80 hours or more to get through the basic levels of education and training. Higher levels of learning take longer.

You can count on at least two months (maybe more) to get the proper training and education for basic levels. Now, keep in mind, this is for those who already have a solid background and real-world experience with cloud practitioner.

Are you a beginner to the field? You are going to need at least 120 hours(if not more). Sometimes it takes three-six months to get fully acquainted with the material. There is so much technical data and equations that you cannot possibly figure it out in ten days.

You want to start with the basic levels, and then, move toward the Solutions Architect standpoint.

What Level Is Better, and Is There A Way To Compare?

No, not really. The reason is that it depends on the level you want to get certified in. What is your overall career goal? Do you want to become an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator? That is more of an associate position.

Do you want to go much higher, like becoming an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer? This position has more of a professional title to it. The training includes a learning path with more than 30 videos of instruction and 17 labs, not to mention the book materials. There are two exams related to this field option. It is also recommended you have already taken and passed the associates exam before moving forward.

How Do You Start?

1) You need to enroll in a training class and start learning.

2) Review the study guides made available.

3) Review any exam guides they give you. The exam guides will prepare you for the exam itself.

4) Do you have access to the AWS whitepapers? Read over them. The whitepapers can answer most, if not all your questions.

5) Practice as much as you can for the exam. That way you will not be as stressed.

6) Prepare for at least 80-120 of study prep time for the exam. Yes, it is that intense. You will need the time.

7) Schedule and go take the test. It is worth noting, you will need to repeat each step for every level you advance to. The higher the level of education and training, the more intense the AWS testing.

One Final Note

It is in your best interest to have at least six months of pre-requisite on the job experience concerning as a cloud practitioner to advance through the steps mentioned above.