Charles D’Angelo, Celebrity Transformation Coach, Explains How He Helped Texas Physician to Drop 102 Pounds

Charles D’Angelo, a nationally renowned transformation coach, recently shared the story of a Texas physician whom he helped to shed 102 pounds. The weight loss testimony was shared during one of D’Angelo’s Transformation Tuesday segments, which he uses to showcase his clients’ motivational weight loss stories and strategies for change.

In the recent segment, coaching client Dr. Gerad Troutman emphasized that when COVID-19 struck, he was struggling with obesity. While working as a physician, he quickly discovered that the combination of obesity and chronic health problems increases people’s chances of difficulty when infected with thevirus. This realization led Dr. Troutman to schedule a virtual coaching session with D’Angelo to discuss becoming a client.

D’Angelo—a transformation coach who’s books include Inner Guru and Think and Grow Thin, respectively—was already using Skype and FaceTime to coach clients from across the world prior to the pandemic. When the pandemic hit, more people began to reach out to work with him from all corners of the country. One benefit of virtual meetings is that they allow individuals to begin their weight loss journeys from the comfort of their own homes. This often makes it easier for them to reach out to get started, according to D’Angelo.

During his virtual coaching sessions with Dr. Troutman, D’Angelo helped him disconnect from using food emotionally and integrate a strategic approach to eating and exercise. His guidance put Dr. Troutman on the path to finally shedding more than 100 pounds in less than a year’s time.

During his career, Charles D’Angelo has coached, inspired, and motivated thousands of individuals to take charge of their lives. However, according to D’Angelo, there is no finish line to success in weight loss. While his clients achieve their weight loss goals—and can keep the weight off—it’s only when they commit to making healthy food choices, exercising daily, and transforming their thinking about themselves long term.