Tips to Choose Custom Parking Permits and Stickers

Parking permit stickers are an excellent and cost-effective solution for your business. You can either choose from an impressive array of designs or customize them as per your preferences. With custom parking permits and stickers, parking lots  look more organized and safer. 

You can choose from a wide selection of parking permits and stickers or design your own online from custom printing companies like Before making your selection, it is essential to understand what stickers and solutions are best for your customers.

Which is the Most Popular Parking Sticker?

The polyester material is the most popular option in parking stickers. It is a versatile solution that can be placed on the inside of the car window or outside the windshield.

You can choose the perfect custom parking permits and stickers for your customers once you keep the following things in mind:

The Durability of Sticker Material 

You should look for stickers that can endure the different conditions both inside and outside a car. You can choose static cling material for your stickers. 

Static cling is a vinyl sticker material that glues to the surface using alternative techniques of adhesion.  Moreover, static cling does not use static electricity to stick to the surface.  

This is a decorative window sticker that works because of the highly plasticized thin vinyl. Moreover, it is a repositionable material and is generally considered to be thicker than other options. 

Look for Reflective Stickers  

When you look for parking stickers, you must select options that are reflective at night.  Reflective stickers work like instant identifiers for the car owner to identify the vehicle easily. Moreover, if there is any activity in the parking area, you can ensure that your customer can easily screen their vehicle.

The best thing about these custom parking stickers is that they help recognize and screen vehicles without getting intrusive. You can ensure that you add all the necessary information to the reflective custom parking sticker for your customers. 

Parking Stickers Should Be Easy to Use 

No car owner wants to have parking stickers on their car that they find challenging to remove. Hence, choose easy to use stickers with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that glues firmly to the vehicle yet allows them to be removed later without damaging the car.

If your customers find no issues in removing the stickers from the inside or outside, they feel happy. Nobody dislikes parking stickers; they fear the low-quality stickers that damage their windows and car surface.

Once you give your customers custom parking stickers that are of good quality, the stickers will be simple for them to use. They need to peel off the adhesive sticker (back or front, based on which vehicle they are applying it to) and stick it onto the surface.  With just a little bit of pressure to even out the sticker, all is set.

Give Your Customers a Sticker Choice 

Consider all kinds of custom parking permits for your customers like interior window cling stickers, parking permit stickers, and hanging parking permit tags.  Once you give your customers suitable options to choose from, they feel satisfied. 

Parking Permit Hang Tags 

Parking permit hang tags are the most efficient and effective form of parking control.  Parking tags permit only authorized vehicles access to the lot and alert staff of any unauthorized vehicles. 

You can look for durable parking permit hang tags with different designs, customized colors, and patterns. 

Inside Application Parking Stickers

Customized inside application parking stickers are created from sturdy transparent static cling material that glues well inside the vehicle’s windshield. This makes the stickers visible from the outside of the car.

As these stickers glue to the inside of the vehicle, they do not get exposed to the climatic or dust elements. It makes these stickers extremely durable. Similarly, the installation of these stickers is easy.  Just glue it to the inside of the windshield. 

Finally, since full-color digital printing is possible with these parking stickers, they offer a durable full-color imprint where there are no restrictions on the number of shades. 

Outside Application Parking Stickers

Outside application parking stickers are highly visible stickers, and they keep the entire parking lot organized and safe. These parking stickers glue to the outside of the vehicle with a specific pressure-sensitive glue that bonds firmly to the car. Still, the car owner can easily remove it without leaving any residue behind or harming the vehicle. 

Once you keep all this in mind, you can choose the right custom permits and stickers that will keep your customers happy and content.