A Cash Advance: Your Back-to-School Shopping Back-Up

Don’t tell your kids that you’re already thinking about the first day of school. To them, the summer has only just begun, and the last thing they want to talk about is what school supplies they think they’ll need come September. Unfortunately for parents, back-to-school shopping is at the forefront of their minds thanks to the rising cost of supplies.

Gone are the days from your youth when you showed up to school with new shoes and a backpack. Now kids are expected to bring more back-to-school supplies than ever before, including markers, cahiers, and pencil cases. Add to that a whole new fall wardrobe, and Canadian parents could expect to drop as much as $400 per child this fall. If your children attend one of the 100 schools with specialized arts or sports programs in BC, you could expect to see additional fees tacked on to this price tag.

Not all parents are in the position to cover a bill that high, and by investing in new clothes and classroom materials, they’re putting at risk their ability to cover emergencies. It helps that you’re already thinking about these costs early on, as you can start to set aside extra cash each week to cover fall necessities.  But don’t be discouraged if this plan doesn’t pan out. There are payday loans in Vancouver that can help bridge the gap between cash shortfalls.

In Vancouver payday loans don’t exceed $500 for first time borrowers. Their small size makes them ideal for minor, non-recurring purchases like back-to-school supplies. When you speak with the loan specialists at GoDay, a payday lender that helps Canadians from coast to coast, you can expect a simple and convenient experience in your future. That’s because they’ve streamlined their online process to make it as easy as possible to qualify for an essential cash advance.

Before you apply, contact one of these specialists to talk about the rates, terms, and conditions. If time is short, all of this information is available on their website to read whenever it’s convenient. Whatever you do, don’t skip this step, as this will determine if their financial assistance is within your capabilities to repay.

If it is, then you just found a practical back-up just in case back-to-school shopping gets out of your hands. Keep it in mind as you prepare for the fall. When careful budgeting doesn’t work, a responsible cash advance can help you make ends meet.