Best Android Apps to Master Programming in 2021

Programmers create software programs for a number of purposes. Apps allow us to perform different tasks and functions. Coders and programmers are in very high demand in the technological world as they help to create apps and software to solve problems. And not only that, they can create a variety of programs for entertainment, educational, health, scientific, and research purposes as well. If you are a subscriber of a good internet deal such as Spectrum deals and want to learn to code, this blog is for you. Read about the best programming apps on Android.

Programming Hub

If you want to master popular programming languages, then this app will serve you well! With a huge collection of programming examples, you can use the app to even test yourself. The app records your daily progress as well. With up to 2000 programs and 17+ languages, you can master everything from the most basic to the most advanced language. The app also has an offline compiler for HTML and JavaScript so you can even learn without the internet!

C Programming

A great app designed specifically so that you can master over 100 C programs. On your Android device, you can explore the highly informational content in this app. You will get access to different sections that contain information about various aspects of coding. The app also comes with questions so that you can test your knowledge. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can also find the answers in the app. 

The app contains programing-related knowledge for both beginners and experts. Even if you are an expert and looking forward to revisiting some of the things you are already well aware of, then C Programming will be quite useful for you. For beginners, it is important to take the lessons one by one and practice everything along the way.

Learn Python

Python is one of the best languages if you are planning to set up an account on any of the popular freelancing websites. Python is easy to learn and has a lot of applications in the world of programming. You can use “Learn Python” to master it anywhere on the go. Here, you can also interact with other users to speed up the process of learning and get useful tips as well. The quizzes are very interactive and engaging. The app comes with a point system. All you have to do is score well in the quizzes and you can earn the bragging rights with higher points than your friends! 


Treehouse is also a great resource if you want to master HTML and CSS. This Android app comes with a lot of useful content. With more than 1000 videos about coding and programming, you can further develop your skills even if you’re at an intermediate level. Industry leaders and professionals create the content in the videos. You can also take the quizzes and evaluate your progress.

Since Treehouse adopts a very professional way of teaching coding, it is a great option for beginners. Even if you start slow, once you master the basics, you will be coding seamlessly in no time owing to the easy teaching method of the app. 


Coursera is a great online resource that you can access on your mobile phone to boost your understanding of programming. This website provides outstanding online courses from the top universities in the world. So, you can simply take a course from a top-notch university and master programming. Rest assured that the courses come with discounts. Also, many courses are available for free. 

Code Monk

Code Monk is quite a popular app and comes with great features to enable quick learning. The app developers release tutorials every week. They cover different topics and are quite interactive. The developers also conduct coding competitions. This helps to create a very competitive environment. You can learn C, C++, and Javascript here!


This free Android app will allow you to master coding even if you’re just a beginner. The app takes a step-by-step procedure allowing you to master new elements of programming with time. Here, you can master Javascript, Python, CSS, and HTML. 

Code Hub

Code Hub is a very good app for those who want to master HTML and CSS. The app comes with a very user-friendly interface. Here, you will find everything for beginners, intermediate, and even expert programmers. Code Hub offers a wide range of options for everyone to learn something. The app comes with 50 lessons. In these lessons, you will find a limitless amount of knowledge regarding Web, HTML5, and CSS3.