How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is probably the most famous PDF editor on the market and while it does offer quality, there are some drawbacks such as the cost which can be prohibitive for some, and the complexity of use that comes with a steep learning curve for some tools. Sometimes though we want to simply edit a fillable PDF document with a free online PDF editor or a more simple type of PDF editor. Although Adobe Acrobat is useful and offers many tools, there are ways to edit a PDF without it and also some great alternative programs available that can fulfill many of the same tasks.

How to Edit a PDF

The actual act of editing a PDF is not so difficult and it is more an issue of finding the right service to assist you in this endeavor since finding the right online PDF editor for your fillable forms will take away most of the difficulties. There are many online free PDF editors that offer basic tools that can be used to enter basic information, fill out tables and even allow you to sign them The downside to many of these is a security element since it is done online and there are limits to their ability to protect your information and some companies even harvest this information for their own use.

Editing a PDF can be as simple as inputting information and completing a fillable form online, but with a good online PDF editor and the right PDF template, more complex tasks can be done such as annotations and notes that can give information to other users of the PDF. This is of course useful to everyone using the PDF since it gives context to the information entered or written onto the PDF.  As far as pure editing, in a PDF you can search for words and replace them as well as delete them if they do not belong in the text. In addition to this, many online PDF editors offer a spell check service that can correct basic spelling mistakes which makes the document look more professional.

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing PDF Online

The first step is to find a PDF editor that suits your desires. Do you need a complex one with many features or a simple editor? Do you need something that you can sign with a digital signature? Do you need it to be encrypted/password-protected for security reasons? These are things to consider. The second step is to upload your document to the PDF editor. Some PDF web editing services will offer PDF templates that can be downloaded and edited. If there is a specific template that suits your needs, then it is a great way to work with a generally high-quality fillable form. From there it is just a matter of entering the information requested in the various fields in the form. There are a seemingly infinite number of online PDF templates to download, so browse and see what is being offered.

Best Free PDF Editor

Lumin PDF- Lumin PDF is an advanced online editor that offers some great features including but not limited to using it in conjunction with Google and G-Suite which opens a lot of doors in terms of being able to manage the edited documents in an organized and efficient way.  While most Lumin features require a subscription, it is more cost-efficient than Adobe Acrobat and offers more in the free version and it is still very useful and worth using to edit PDF files with the Lumin PDF editor. With Lumin PDF you can edit a PDF in Google Docs and also use it to convert documents such as those from word. What makes it a good editor though is its myriad of features that allow you to make changes, fill in documents, and other normal PDF editing tasks. If you are interested in a PDF editor that links with Google Drive, then Lumin PDF is a good option.

Sejda PDF- Sejda PDF is another popular PDF editor that offers all that you would generally expect with an online PDF editor. You can edit text, move some information around, make notes, and some other things that are generally offered. One issue with Sejda editing is that some people have had trouble with font changes in the final version but this is not an issue for people who own the paid version of it. In general, Sejda is a useful tool for editing as it combines all the basics that are expected of a PDF editor and is less expensive than Adobe while offering many of the same features that the average user might be looking for in an online PDF editor.

SmallPDF- SmalPDF is a very useful and simple PDF editor that has some advantages relative to some other editors and this is due to its simplicity. SmallPDF does not have as many features as LuminPDF or Adobe Acrobat but what it lacks in terms of features offered, it more than makes up for in the ease of use for all versions, paid or free. On the free version, you can edit, change text, fill in fillable documents as well as sign and print documents. SmallPDF is not as well known but can be very useful to individuals who do not wish to invest money into a larger business type of professional editor but still need to fill in PDF forms online. The downside to this is of course that some more complex features are omitted but this can be a matter of preference.

Being able to edit a PDF document should not be a complicated process and with the amount of free services offered online, there are always many options available. Although some services like Adobe Acrobat have greater brand awareness, that does not mean the brand is right for you and for the file that needs to be edited. PDF online editors are great tools that let you edit and fill in the information you need and they do not all require expertise and a large budget.