Benefits of VoIP Office Phone Systems

VoIP Office Phone Systems have a lot of benefits
Photo by CC user roland on Flickr

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the new age technological telephony system that uses the internet to send and receive calls. It sends data across the network to the recipient in a clearer format than the standalone PSTN lines, it is also cheaper to run (both maintenance and calls costs) and easier to use. VoIP allows its users unbridled access to features that were not available to people or companies who still use the standard PSTN or copper wires. Each of these features benefits businesses with office phone systems that are VoIP, whether it’s the flexibility, that calls are cheaper, being able to add or remove extensions or being able to access your phone/ system from anywhere in the world, VoIP phone systems have been able to improve the level of communications between companies and clients alike. If your company also installs or runs off a virtual PBX whilst also using VoIP it allows for your company to have greater control over the network.

The Australian government over the last 4 years has slowly been rolling out a new broadband network called the NBN across the country, meaning that each and every business/household will need to make the switch to VoIP for their phones. Some people are concerned that they will lose their numbers and this is not the case. Ensure that you are aware of the cut off dates for the PSTN lines. If you have not moved across to VoIP by the disconnection date, then you will lose your phone number. It is vital that you have already installed VoIP before the cut-off date and are fully aware of its benefits and features. Whilst this can be daunting to some, it is important to know the facts about this new and exciting technology.

Office phone systems such as VoIP have many benefits, some that were briefly touched on earlier, the most important is the fact that calls are cheaper (roughly 20%) than PSTN calls, this includes national, local and international calls. Companies that are calling other businesses with VoIP usually have plans in place where those calls are without charge. Whilst saving money is a massive benefit, other features such as its level of scalability not only save money but time as well. Providers will have different plans and cost structures, it is important that you choose wisely and like a good doctor, find a provider that fits in with your business. As mentioned before, by installing a VoIP phone system you are allowing your company to have greater control over the network. Companies no longer have to pay for phone lines they are not using any more and you no longer need to waste time on the phone organising for a technician to install phones lines or remove them for you, all this can be done with a simple phone call to your provider. Simply add or remove extensions at a fraction of the cost that it would be to install new lines. If you also move to a virtual PBX system, it means that your VoIP provider is continuously maintaining the network and system on your behalf, another added and cost effective feature.

VoIP enables each company the chance to connect both internally and externally more efficiently, have higher quality phone conversations with HD voice, no lag and no call dropouts giving VoIP users a sense of confidence in the system. Installing VoIP, means your company can become more reliable to its customers as there are less outages and the virtual PBX system is continuously updated by the provider. If you are away for work you simply can log into the portal (as long as there is an active internet connection) and you are connected to the network and if there is ever a power outage, a divert can be automatically setup to your selected mobile or device.

Moving forward other features such as video calling, conferencing, voicemail to email, instant messaging, the ability to be able to send texts and or visual aids during a call and the auto receptionist become readily available to your business. Each of these features will enable your business to grow and expand, time management is improved as you will be able to contact employees or clients with ease.

To finish, VoIP office phone systems are a cost effective and secure way to improve an organisation’s time management and resources. Each of the benefits which have been listed will enable you and your company the opportunity to seek new clients, whilst also improving the level of customer service with your current customers. Internally conference meetings and or phone calls are clearer and don’t have any lag meaning your time is being spent on the important aspects of the business. Speak to your provider about a tailored option for your company, one that works with and for your business.