How Baby-Boomers Stay Looking Young Through the Best Anti-Aging Products

Jeunesse Global is the brain child of husband and wife due Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They had a wealth of experience in the world of network marketing, but they wanted to expand into a completely different market. Mainly, they developed Jeunesse Global to give everybody around the world the opportunity to look their youngest best.

Luminesce Serum

The duo got to work on creating the Luminesce Serum. This product focuses on cellular rejuvenation and was the first of its kind, stimulating the natural collagen production in the skin, helping to repair it. The formula was developed by working together with Beverly Hills dermatologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman. He has pioneered the world of adult adipose stem cells, creating a formula that contains in excess of 200 human growth factors. These work in synergy to replenish the skin’s elastin and collagen levels, making it look more radiant, healthier, and younger.

Other Jeunesse Products

After the success of the Luminesce Serum, Jeunesse Global go to work on creating other products that worked in similar ways. This quickly gave rise to the daily moisturizing complex and the advanced night repair complex. These products are designed to fight wrinkles by rehydrating and moisturizing the skin. The day cream also contains SPF 30 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. The night cream, meanwhile, enhances the body’s natural repair processes that happen during sleep.

Then, the company developed Reserve, which is a supplement based on resveratrol. It is a botanical product filled with important antioxidants that help make people healthier inside and out. It contains essential fatty acids, anthocyanins, and antioxidants, helping the skin to fight free radical damage. The product set itself apart through its high levels of bioavailability, proven through a wealth of scientific studies.

After the success of Reserve, Jeunesse Global started to work on other health supplements. This is when they created AM and PM Unique, a DNA repair duo. This became available in September 2011 and gives people all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. Furthermore, the ingredients synergistically blend together to ensure the natural biorhythm is supported. Put together, this helps fight most of the signs of ageing. Dr. Vincent Giampapa, one of the world’s most recognized experts on anti-aging, has endorsed this product, namely because it is backed by important clinical studies and research.

These are just some of the products that Jeunesse Global offers today. What brings them all together is that they are designed for anybody who wants to both look and feel younger. This is known as “Youthful Aging”, which means people both celebrate the fact that they have lived for many years, while at the same time looking like they have many more years to go. Indeed, the Baby-Boom generation embodies Youthful Aging, and it is no surprise, therefore, that they are Jeunesse’s most loyal clients.

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray believed in developing a proper Cellular Age Management System (CAMS). This means that they want to offer people a single solution that fights all the problems of aging. Their line of products seems to have achieved just that.