How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoos At Home

When deciding to get a tattoo, most people believe it’ll stick around forever. But what do you do if you realize that getting a tattoo was a huge mistake? Today, the most popular tattoo removal technique is laser removal, which consists of a series of 10 or 15 sessions to complete the tattoo removal. This method can be extremely painful and require a lot of recovery time. It can also be quite expensive, especially if you have to return over and over for multiple sessions. Its efficacy also depends on the size, complexity, and colors of the tattoo. There is also a risk of scarring and discoloration of the skin. Sometimes, laser treatment isn’t even an option, especially if the tattoo is located in a sensitive area.

Luckily, there are plenty of other at-home remedies that can help you fade or even get rid of your tattoo. Tattoo removal cream, for example, presents countless advantages compared to the laser method. It can be used to erase almost all tattoos, including those located in sensitive areas, and is painless, easy-to-use, and affordable.

How Does The Tattoo Removal Cream Work?

The tattoo removal cream represents a natural tattoo removal method, its principle based on biological processes. There are various types of tattoo removal creams and gels that use different principles to erase the ink from the skin but typically the creams use the liposomes, namely small fat cells, to reach the layer of the skin where the ink is fixed. Once the cream has arrived at the ink, the active ingredient in the cream acts like a magnet for the macrophages. Macrophages are white blood cells that act as “cleaners” and are responsible for eliminating body waste, such as dead cells or bacteria, by “eating” it. In this case, the macrophages will incorporate the skin cells where the ink is fixed and dispose of them through other biological processes. For this reason, the tattoo elimination process is neither painful nor harmful.  

How To Use A Tattoo Removal Cream?

On the market, there are different tattoo removal cream formulas and the application methods vary depending on the type of cream you decide to use. There are plenty of tattoo removal cream reviews and review sites to check out in order to find the cream that will work best for you. The single cream formulas are probably the easiest to use. They must be applied on the tattoo once or twice a day until the complete removal, but you can do this from the comfort and safety of your own home. To use a single cream formula, simply clean the skin with warm water and mild soap then apply a thin layer of cream over the tattoo. Repeat the process two times a day until the tattoo is completely removed.  

Other tattoo removal creams come in two or three cream formulas that must be applied following a determined order. The manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to apply the creams and also include tattoo removal time estimates in the packages.

Does A Tattoo Removal Cream Really Work?

It depends! Tattoo removal creams don’t have miraculous powers and while they can completely remove the small and simplest tattoos, they might have lower performances in the case of the large tattoos made with strong pigments. In addition, oftentimes people don’t use the creams as consistently as directed, so they don’t get the results they expected. If you’re thinking of using a tattoo removal cream, make sure you have the time, routine, and patience to apply the cream every day until the tattoo is faded or removed.

Nevertheless, a tattoo removal cream will certainly help you get rid of a part of the pigment in the cases when laser treatment is inevitable, which will reduce the number of sessions required for the complete tattoo removal and thus saving you money and hassle.