Over time we tend to accumulate plenty of things in our houses. As life goes on, the homes that had more than enough space for us start feeling congested. It could be either due to the unimportant stuff cluttered in the house or the need for more storage. Storage facilities can help you declutter your home without having to sell your belongings. It further facilitates you to store your belongings temporarily for seasonal needs. Perhaps, you can even use it to keep your stuff temporarily when traveling to another place. 

Most people prefer to rent a storage unit to keep their stuff safe and secure. They provide the perfect opportunity to declutter when the mess becomes overwhelming in your home. There are plenty of storage facilities, but we must carefully consider our own needs to find the best one. Bearing in mind a few things, i.e., items that need to be stored, the overall duration, cost, safety concerns, etc., is best before looking for a storage unit. To help you further, we have listed some essential points that you should consider to find the right storage facility for yourself.

1. Choose the right size

You can find storage units in different sizes. Before you select one, it is best to assess the space you need. Think about the dimensions of items, size, numbers, and how much room you need in the storage unit to organize things properly. If you choose a storage unit too big, you will be wasting space and money. While on the other hand, a smaller unit can pose difficulties in storing and organizing your belongings.

Start by preparing an inventory of all the possible items you will be storing and then estimate the dimensions to choose accordingly. Many storage facilities provide custom sizes, so you can easily find one for your needs.

2. Assess the location

Before selecting a storage facility, ask yourself a question. Shall I prefer storage near me or the one far from my location? Having the storage facility near your location has more benefits than you realize. It might seem that you just need to store your items once, and you will be good to go, but that is not the case.

You must have easy access to the storage facility whenever needed. Perhaps, it is only possible when you have a storage facility near you. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the location in mind since you might need anything at any time. 

Still, if you feel that the storage unit you rent won’t require frequent visits, we advise that you avoid the city centers. Storage facilities on the outskirt of town might provide you with better services at cheaper rates, but you may face commuting problems on various occasions.

3. Avoid frequent increases in the rate

You can rent most of the storage facilities on a monthly basis. But in some cases, these facilities demand an increase in rent after a specific time. These small increases, when combined, can make the storage unit exponentially costly. To avoid this expensive inconvenience, you must discuss the policy regarding the increase in rent to make the right decision. Ensure that you fully understand the procedure before selecting the storage space to avoid any future issues.

4. Determine the renting period 

It is best to determine the overall duration you need to keep things in a storage unit. Most of the storage facilities charge rent monthly or bi-yearly without any minimum rental time. As suggested above, it is better to choose storage units that require monthly rent payments without any minimum rental period. 

However, if you need the storage space for a few weeks, discuss the matter with the facility service providers. They will surely cater to your needs and determine what service package suits your needs the best. This way, you can save money by not renting for an unneeded time. 

5. Take heed of the temperature

Some items such as antique furniture, paintings, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc., require a specific temperature to maintain longevity. If you plan on storing sensitive items that need a specific temperature, it is best to opt for storage facilities with temperature controls in storage units. Although these storage units are costly compared to those that don’t have a temperature control system, still, they are necessary to keep the items in good condition. 

6. Ensure safety and surveillance

Since most people keep their valuable belongings for varying time periods at these storage units, a storage facility that is safe and under surveillance is, of course, a must to have. Before finalizing the storage facility for yourself, you should ask about surveillance and safety concerns. Always choose a storage facility that provides video surveillance, especially when you will be unable to visit the facility frequently.

7. Read online reviews

Just like every other product and service, you should always check online reviews of different storage facilities. These reviews can guide you on each facility’s pros and cons and help you find the best one according to your needs. Remember that checking the reviews from the facility’s website won’t get you the expected results. Sometimes, these service providers upload fake reviews to persuade the leads. For this reason, it is best to choose the third-party reviewers that are less likely to favor.


Although storage facilities can help us in many ways, they can cause issues if not selected according to the needs. To make the process more accessible, write all your needs and then lookup for storage facilities. Keep yourself up to date about policies regarding the rent increase. Always choose storage units near you if you need frequent access to them, as this can reduce the hassle. The safety of your content is another essential factor. Always choose storage units that are under surveillance all the time. When the time comes for a decision, always consider the advantages and disadvantages of a preferred facility and then decide accordingly.