5 Ways to Enhance Commercial Building Security

As a business or property owner, you have to be vigilant about the security of your commercial building. Since criminals are becoming more intelligent, you need convenient and reliable security solutions to reduce your vulnerability to crime. Here are five ways to enhance commercial building security.

1. Enforce security procedures for your employees

The human factor has always been the weakest link when it comes to commercial building security. Criminals will always rely on employee vulnerabilities to access your commercial building regardless of how well you secure your entryways. Consequently, the best prevention for this risk is enforcing sound security procedures for all employees through:

  • Installing ID scanning systems for authorized entry
  • Setting up anti-tailgating gates
  • Keeping track of all other third parties using digital visitor badges
  • Training all employees on social engineering techniques and how to act in the event of an intrusion or attack

2. Install a comprehensive video surveillance system

Video surveillance systems are one of the most efficient ways to monitor your commercial building 24 hours, seven days a week. Since you need a clear view of intruders during the day and night, it is vital to go for modern camera systems that have excellent night vision features and offer high-resolution video footage. This will make it easier to get the evidence you need, regardless of when an intrusion happens.

3. Have an elevator access control system

One of the ways that commercial real estate is going high-tech is through the increased use of elevator access control systems. This is a smart way of limiting access to each floor as users require an access card to control the elevator. The best part is that you can customize elevator access to allow the general public to access floors that house commercial offices during business hours. Meanwhile, floors that house private offices will be out of reach as only authorized personnel can access them.

4. Install monitored alarm systems

An essential feature of your business security system is a monitored alarm system, which offers instant defense against unauthorized access and break-ins into your commercial building. These systems give you double benefits as the loud alarm will alert everyone that there is a problem and alert authorities to take action. If your commercial building hosts several offices, this should also trigger security lockdown to make it easier for your security officers to sweep through each floor.

5. Assess and compensate for your vulnerable areas

Every commercial building has its unique security needs, and the best way to meet them is through an in-depth security risk assessment. This will enable you to locate vulnerable areas and develop better security strategies to make them more secure. It is equally important to realize that threats change over time as criminals develop better techniques to access commercial buildings, calling for a periodic re-evaluation of your security systems.


Crime is a reality, and to keep your commercial structure, content, and occupants safe, you need a solid security structure. These tips will help you design a proper security system that will give you one less problem to worry about.