3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Conservatory

One of the best ways to bring outdoors indoors is to have a conservatory in your home.

Conservatories are glass structures that are perfect for letting the sun in and retaining heat. A properly insulated conservatory stays warm even if the weather is cool outside. Make sure to use roof panels that will help provide insulation so that you can enjoy your conservatory’s pleasant temperature all the time.  

A conservatory can be a great living space for you and your family. Try to maximise available sunlight and do all sorts of activities inside your conservatory. 

Here are three ways to brighten up your conservatory more. 

1. Plants

Plants are and will always be in trend. You can never go wrong with plants. Find flowers or any plant that you like and place these all over your conservatory. Besides adding a pop of colour and liveliness to your space, think about all the fresh air and scenery that you will have. If you have a big space, decorate it with bigger plants, which are great for brightening dark corners. Nothing beats a room full of flowers and plants.

Try to match the plants and flowers with the colour scheme of your conservatory. Make sure to use roof panels that will let the sunlight into your conservatory. You will find yourself gravitating more into your conservatory because of the calming effect that your plants and flowers create. 

2. Lighting

Your conservatory’s large windows are assets already, but having adjustable lights can elevate your space more.  The glass windows in your conservatory act as black mirrors at night, which is why it would be a good idea to add in some lamps to your space. You can also light some candles if you want to create a more romantic ambiance. To be safe, you can even use electric candles! 

You should also choose blinds and curtains wisely. Avoid thick curtains since they block natural light from entering the room. Consider using the lighter blinds and curtain.

Keep your windows and door clean as well. You may think it’s a minor thing, but clean windows mean more sunlight can enter your space. Especially when your house is close to the road, a lot of dust settles on the window so cleaning it should be a regular thing. Trim outside plants that may be obstructing natural light as well. 

3. Paint

Colour and light go hand in hand. Invest in painting your conservatory. Choose a colour that will complement all the décor and plants that you have in your conservatory. White is a good colour because it creates an illusion of space and light. It also goes with a lot of other colours. Make sure that you don’t have too many colour shades that contradict each other.

Choosing bright colours is a safe choice, and you should choose colours that complement your room’s furniture and blinds.  The right colours can help transform your conservatory into a bright and sun-filled living space. 


Brightening up your conservatory may seem like a big task if you don’t know what to do. If you are looking to update your conservatory, consult with specialists that will help turn your space into how you envision it. Make sure that you get the lighting right because without proper illumination, your conservatory can look like a dark hole at night. 

If you are planning on using your conservatory a lot, include some comfortable furniture so that people will have a good experience staying in your conservatory. With the three tips that we shared, you can potentially turn your conservatory into a more beautiful and cosier space than any other room in your home