3 Easy 2-Nights-a-week DIY Projects

Keen to do some DIY but don’t have a ton of space or time? You don’t have to spend a long time on a DIY project to create something beautiful and worth your while. Start small and dedicate two nights a week to a DIY project and see how you get along.

If you’re a DIY novice, it’s best to start slow. In the end, you might even find yourself wanting to spend more time on it. You can find some easy tips and plans online, but here is some inspiration if you truly have no idea where to start.

  • Make some furniture

You can make a simple piece of furniture to start! Many people like to use industrial or commercial pallets to do this. If you have some already, then that’s great. Otherwise you can ask for them at a supermarket or other shop that uses pallets. Use one evening to source materials at home, in shops and at neighbours house. You can always use leftover materials or refurbish damaged furniture.

Use another night to research what you can do with the materials you have. How will your new piece fit in with the rest of your things? Where will it go? Do you need anything else to make your new piece of furniture

  • Insulate your home

It can take a while to figure out all of the places cold air is being let into your home, but once you do, you’ll be well on your way to a warmer and less expensive home.

Take one night to go around each room in your home, checking each opening for leaks of cold air. Take note of the areas that seem to be draughty, so you can repair them later on. Research what materials you can use to stuff these holes, and find the right solution for each situation.

Your windows may not need replacing entirely, but they are complex pieces of engineering so you’d be better off contacting a professional if you’re unsure. You can do that easily by clicking here. In the loft, some extra insulation will do your home a world of good. It’s not that expensive, and you can easily find out how to install it using online tutorials.

  • Take back control of your garden

Dedicate just 2 hours a week to clearing stuff from your garden and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful green space come spring. Not only will this grant your outdoor space a whole new lease on life, it could do the exact same thing for you!

Gardening is invigorating, health-promoting and relaxing. It might seem a bit daunting to start, though, especially if your garden has gotten a bit out of control. This is why you should take baby steps to start, which means one to two hours a couple of nights a week. Choose a small space and start with that.

If you take your time, the process won’t seem so long or daunting. You can also start by thinking of the kind of garden you’d prefer to have, to motivate yourself. Create a vision board one night with all of the most inspirational pictures you can find. Having your dream garden readily available to look at will be motivation for you to go out and work on your garden a little bit!