Worker compensation – what employees need to know

Nearly all businesses provide their employees with workers’ compensation cover. This kind of insurance is used as a safety net, that protects both employees and their employers in the event of an accident at work. 

If you’re an employee who obtains an injury at work or an illness, then you could be eligible to file a claim and have your medical bills and loss of earnings covered by workers’ compensation. Of course, this kind of cover will vary per state so you should speak with your employer if you want more information on what is covered in the event of an accident. 

Can a claim be denied?

In some circumstances, the insurance company could deny compensation and cover for your accident and for whatever reason, dispute it happened or the severity of your injuries. This kind of scenario is incredibly stressful and worrying for employees, especially if they can no longer work and they’re facing huge medical bills. If you’re left in a situation where you don’t know what to do, reach out to a workers compensation lawyer in New Orleans as soon as possible. 

What does it protect?

In its simplest form, workers’ compensation is used to protect three crucial areas of business:


When a business takes out workers’ compensation, their employees waive the right to pursue any personal injury or legal cases against their employer if they have an accident at work. However, it won’t protect businesses from cases involving gross negligence, malicious intent, discrimination and wrongful termination. 

Compliance with regulations

By having workers’ compensation, businesses are abiding the law and following set guidelines and regulations set by each state. What is provided in your company workers’ compensation policy is determined by your state. This includes the types of injuries that are covered, how that care is provided and the amount of cover your employees receive.


Most importantly, in the event of a workplace accident, employees are protected. If their claim is successful, their missed wages will be covered and their medical expenses will be paid for, they’ll also have rehabilitation if required and in the event of a death at work, funeral costs will be covered for the family. 

What kind of injuries/illnesses are covered

Only certain illnesses and injuries are covered with workers’ compensation insurance. The following are usually the most common and claimed for. 

  • Repetitive motion injuries: Common in manual labor jobs where repetitive movements are consistent. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or repetitive motion injuries affect the hands and wrists and can be incredibly debilitating
  • Illnesses and disease: Developing asthma due to exposure to dust and other substances, even developing asbestosis or mesothelioma, are all potential diseases that workers comp might cover (state depending). Hearing loss is also common.
  • Stress and emotional trauma: Long term exposure to stressful situations can take its toll on your heart and overall health, something which is finally being recognized in workers’ compensation cases. Again, this will be dependent on your state. So, speak with your employer for more clarity.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, do your research and discover your options – if you injury has impacted your life for the worse, don’t give up.