Disability Lawyers Fight Insurance Company Bullying Tactics

It’s a sad but true fact: people pay insurance companies to protect them if they become injured or disabled, but collecting a long term disability claim can be a real uphill battle. Simply put, insurance companies make money when they collect premiums, and lose out when they have to pay claims. That’s why they reject claims for any reason they can according to your policy, and while you do have to play by the rules of the contract, if you’re denied, you can always appeal a denial in a court of law. Insurance companies have lawyers working feverishly to protect their interests; doesn’t it make sense that you should, too?

Disability Lawyers can help you get what you deserve

How To Find a Disability Lawyer in North York

When your insurance company has turned down a claim that will have massive repercussions on your quality of life and future, you need to find disability lawyers North York claimants rely on to win their claims and get back to their lives. Here are a qualities of disability lawyers you should consider before you decide on who to hire:
#1 They provide free initial consultations to assess whether or not you have a case, frankly and honestly. If you’re eager to learn more, you can find out about some of the common reasons claims are denied at Injurydisabilitylawyer.ca.

#2 They’re paid based on a contingency fee, which means that they’re not paid until your case has been settled and you’ve seen results. When a disability claim is rejected, many people feel backed into a corner and as though they have no option but to fight; a good firm will make sure that you don’t pay money you don’t have without getting your due.

#3 They can meet with you on your schedule, including evening and weekend appointments, because it can be difficult keeping up with treatments, whether it’s physiotherapy or psychiatric help, and fight your case. Keeping up with treatments is essential to making a successful claim, and nothing should interfere with your recovery. Legal firm Blackacre Law have disability lawyers North York residents can even meet in hospital.

Not only should you be confident in your attorney’s ability to win your case, they should also make working with them easy.

What Qualifies You for Disability Benefits

There is a long list of injuries and resulting disabilities that should be covered under various types of insurance policies, but if the company can find a loophole that allows them to deny your claim, you can be assured they will try to use it. Often, the insurance company will try to lessen the financial burden by offering a sub-par settlement.

If you have any physical or psychological disability, you should never deal directly with an insurance company. Call a qualified disability lawyer in North York if you currently suffer from any of the conditions listed by Blackacre Law:

If you are having difficulty collecting on a disability insurance claim, let a qualified disability lawyer in North York review your case for free. If you’ve been denied, they can help you get the money you need now that you’re unable to continue working.