Why You Should Change Your Medicare Advantage Coverage

Sometimes you may have an opportunity to change plans. This can be because of changing medication tiers, richer benefits, coverage alternatives, and network limits, are among the reasons to do so. But what could be the reasons to change your Medicare advantage plan? What are some of the things you should check? So you have a plan that has better perks that matter to you. As the open enrollment period goes on, you may want to consider a better Medicare advantage plans 2021 or switch to another plan as you can still replace an advantage plan with another if you do not want the original Medicare. Below are some reasons as to why it could pay to change your Medicare advantage coverage.

The providers you prefer are no longer in the network

One disadvantage of the Medicare advantage plan in comparison to original Medicare is it has a limit to specific network providers around your locality. Therefore, when you have a trusted facility or doctor that is not in your network anymore. You have to think of an alternative plan that is as affordable so that you may see the specific providers. Plus, these providers know your medical history best, and also you are already comfortable dealing with them with your health issues. Thus, in such a case, it is best to satisfy your need to change your Medicare Advantage coverage.

Cheaper alternatives 

If you get a cheaper alternative to your Medicare Advantage coverage, it is a good reason to change your coverage. Even though your Medicare did not become more expensive or your medications were put in another class and cost more. Still, you can get a cheaper option that may force you to change coverage. Also, you can search online for Advantage plans that are in your locality, and you can check the comparisons by drug costs and premiums. If you happen to get less expensive plans and the coverage is equivalent to what you have, then switching will save you lots of money. 

Medications got more costly

When you are part of the Medicare Advantage plan, the prescription drugs are categorized under a formulary by tier. The lower your out-of-pocket costs under the plan, the lower the tier. Therefore, if you have medication that you take often and it has moved from a low tier to a higher one under the advantage plan you are in, this is enough reason to switch to another advantage plan. More so, if your prescriptions are part of the specialty tier, which is an expensive option that consists of brand name drugs.

Need for a plan with more benefits 

Medicare advantage is always a better option for people to Original Medicare due to the benefits that it has that the Original Medicare will not cover. However, some Advantage plans do not offer any of the perks that favor you, and if this is the current advantage you have. It pays to look into getting new coverage. Also, most advantage plans offer dental benefits, fitness benefits, eye exams, and glasses. So, if your advantage coverage does not include these features, it is best to find one that does as it will save you money in the long run. So you can do your homework and wait for the right time to switch to a plan that offers you extra benefits. 

In summary, the above are not the only reasons why you need to change your Medicare Advantage plan, as there are more reasons to do so. Also, if you feel you are unhappy with your current plan and you are not getting a suitable alternative, reverting to original Medicare is an option you can consider and you can go for the Part D plan. Plus, it will come in handy if you are traveling a lot, and you had not planned for it. Still, you want an option to see a doctor anywhere in the country, not just your locality. Importantly, before you opt to go back to the original Medicare plan, you can confirm whether you can purchase a Medigap plan as it will protect you against out of pocket costs of Medicare.