What You Need to Know About Hearing Loss

You shouldn’t take your hearing for granted. From conversations with your friends and family, to listening to your favorite music or podcasts, it’s an important part of your everyday life. There are certain signs you should be aware of if your hearing is at risk, and how you can prevent causing damage.


Lots of people assume that hearing loss only occurs after being exposed to a sudden loud noise, like an explosion or a bang. While there is truth to this, it is not the most common cause of hearing loss. For most Americans, hearing loss happens over a long period of time, and they don’t notice the damage until it starts impacting their lifestyle. Taking an online hearing test can help you see if you need treatment. 

Early Signs

There are early signs of hearing loss you should be aware of. For instance, if you’ve noticed when you’re out in busy places and you struggle to listen to conversations. There are lots of noises for your brain to make sense of and it’s struggling to keep up. Similar to this, you might struggle at large events as it takes a lot of mental focus and energy for you to keep conversing with people. Other early indicators include constantly turning the TV up, and the sensation that your ears feel constantly clogged. 


There are hidden risks to losing your hearing. A recent medical study found that it can be linked to other health issues, including walking problems and falls. This is because your hearing can help you balance, as you walk your brain picks up sound cues to help you move safely. Hearing loss could also lead to social isolation as you may feel like you can’t connect properly with others. 

Protect Your Ears 

According to the Worldwide Health Organisation, 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. To avoid being part of this number, there are things you can to help yourself and protect your ears. For example, wear earplugs if you’re going to a concert. You also need to be aware of the volume on your devices and give yourself breaks. The advice is 60/60. Listen at 60% and for 60 minutes at a time. 

It’s important to look after your ears and give them plenty of time to repair. Take your hearing health seriously, and reach out for expert guidance if you’re concerned. How do you look after your hearing?