What to do if turn signals broke on the road?

Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of motorists nowadays rarely use turn signals, it is important that they are in good working order: in an extreme situation, a turned on turn signal can prevent accidents. There are several common faults with direction indicators:

1. The turn signals don’t work at all. Here the problem is either in the turn signal control lever, or in the fuse, or in the relay. It is necessary to check all of the above one by one in order to localize the problem.

2. Turn signals blink too often. It’s not even a malfunction, it’s a warning. The car reports that one of the lamps has burned out and needs to be replaced.

3. The turn signal works sometimes do not blink, the lamp is on continuously. In this case, the problem can only be in the turn signal relay: the relay does not provide the correct interruption.

Of course, the breakdown of the turn signals cannot be classified as critical malfunctions. Many people does not use them, it seems, at all – and it’s okay, they do. For the time being. However, we will not be equal to the uncouth boors who do not respect themselves or other participants in the movement. Our task is to find out whether it is possible to bring turn signals back to life without the help of qualified mechanics and how to act correctly if this trouble catches up on the road.

When you realize that there are no light signals – due to the absence of characteristic clicks, indications on the dashboard, or perhaps intuitively – try to remain calm. Yes, even if you left the driving school five days ago. Turn on “emergency gang” in order to attract the attention of neighbors on the stream, and snuggle to the side of the road. Do not forget about the reflective red triangle: place a sign 15 meters from the car if you are staying in the village, or 30 meters outside it.

Further, several scenarios are possible. The first and, perhaps, the most optimal one is to pick up a smartphone and find the nearest car service. Is it close to the service station? Great, turn off your impromptu “camping”, get behind the wheel and … signal with your hand! Clause 8.1 of the SDA states that if the turn signals do not work, the driver is obliged to inform other road users of his intentions on his own.

For those who have forgotten the traffic rules or have not read it at all, we recall. A signal for a left turn or reversal corresponds to an outstretched left arm or a right arm bent at the elbow at a right angle upward. The right turn indicator is executed, respectively, exactly the opposite: the left arm bent or the right arm extended to the side. By the way, the braking signal is indicated by any straight hand directed towards the sky.

If you completely refuse to continue driving without turn signals, you will have to resolve the issue on the spot. How exactly – by a call to the operational technical assistance service or with your own hands – you choose. You don’t understand cars at all from the word? Then, probably, it makes no sense to climb under the hood (or remove the plastic under the steering column). And if you still have any knowledge and skills, check the turn signal and alarm relays first. Although, if your emergency gang has turned on, then the problem is not in it.

The most difficult thing in this procedure is to get to the “relyushka”. As we have already said, it can be located both in the engine compartment and in the cabin, under the upholstery. In the era of the Internet, it is not difficult to find out where the culprit is hiding in a particular car. Disconnect the contact wires from the relay, unscrew the “mass” from the breaker and remove it. In place of the old part, “register” a new one – you can buy it at any auto parts store.

Whichever option is closer to you, try to resolve the issue with the turn signals as soon as possible. Do you remember that, according to Article 12.14 of the Administrative Code, “failure to comply with the requirements of the Traffic Regulations to give a signal before starting a movement, changing lanes, and turning, making a U-turn or stopping will entail a warning or an administrative fine of 500 rubles”? The traffic police do not penalize hands that act as signs. But you won’t drive long, waving them, will you?