What Can I Really Win Playing Roulette Online?

You might think that if you play one roulette game over another, you will stand a better chance of winning. Other people believe that if they wager larger sums of money, they can win bigger prizes. None of these is true, though. Most roulette games offer the same prizes, with only a handful of bizarre variants offering you one-of-a-kind prizes. Moreover, the amount you can win is usually tied to the bet you’ve made, not how much you’ve bet. It is true that $1,000 x 10 is worth a lot more than $1 x 10, but the “rate of pay” remains the same (ten times your bet).

With that in mind, what can you hope to win when betting on roulette online? Join us as we explain all.

The Basic Bets

If you opt to play the basic bets, you shouldn’t expect a top return. In fact, almost all outside bets have an even money payout. This means 1:1. If you bet on odds, evens, reds, blackjack, the low half of numbers (1-18) or the higher half (19-36), you can only ever win payouts worth even money (1:1). However, these bets do have the best chance of success, at just under 50%, with the exact sum determined by the number of zero pockets present.

Other Outside Bets

Playing high roller roulette online at Rollers or at other popular sites, and you’ll bag able to find slighter better payouts with other outside bets. These include column bets and dozens. Column bets (those based on a single column from the betting table) are worth 2:1. The same prize can be won if you predict that one of the three dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) will pop up.

Basic Inside Bets

The basic inside bets are those that have the best chance of coming good. These include Six-number, five-number, corners (four-number), and street (three-number) bets. Rewards for landing these less likely roulette bets include 5:1, 6:1, 8:1, and 11:1, respectively. Note that five-number bets are only possible in American roulette.

The Big Prizes

If you want one of the top two prizes, you’re going to need to be advantageous. A double, known as a split bet, is a wager on just two numbers sat side-by-side on the betting board and can pay 17:1. You can win almost double that if you bet on a straight-up wager. This single number bet has the best payout of 35:1 but the worst chance of success of most roulette bets.

What Can Variants Offer?

If you happen to play a unique roulette various, such as Lightning Roulette (a live dealer game), or Jackpot Roulette, you may find that a few side-bets and additional games rules come into play. These allow alternative prizes to be won that are outside the norm. However, we won’t go into them here as they can vary depending on the variant you are playing.