Waiakea Water: Why You Need to Try This Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Not a big water fan? It’s probably because you’ve been drinking the wrong water. The truth is, water can actually taste good. Water from Waiakea Water, a popular brand that sells Hawaiian volcanic water, is proof of that. Here’s why Waiakea is my brand of choice when it comes to drinking water.

First, Waiakea Water comes from the base of a Hawaiian volcano and is bottled at the source. The slopes that feed the company’s Kea’au aquifer capture more than 16 feet of pure snowmelt and rainwater every year. This is converted into a sustainable daily yield of more than 390 million gallons each day. Because of this pure environment, Waiakea water has been awarded for its tasting profile.

In addition, foodies all over the globe have praised Waiakea for its Hawaiian volcanic bottled water for both its taste and its terroir, which are based on its virginality, orientation, and minerality. In fact, in addition to embracing it as a drinking water, foodies love the fact that it can easily compliment any dish—ranging from sushi to Hawaiian poi and a rich Caprese salad.

Another reason why I love Waiakea Water? The company has dedicated itself to decreasing its carbon footprint via responsible and sustainable manufacturing, operational practices, recycling and shipping. For instance, the company is certified CarbonNeutral and uses 100% upcycled plastic or RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) materials to perform its bottling. This requires 85% less energy than other frequently used packaging materials used in the manufacturing process.

All in all, not all bottles of water taste the same. That’s why it’s critical that you pay attention to where your drinking water is coming from. Fortunately, Waiakea Water takes pride in where it sources its water, and I can attest to the fact that the company consistently delivers excellent-tasting water. No wonder it remains a top choice around the world.