Changing the Way You Eat and Lose Weight

Changing the Way You Eat and Lose Weight can transform your life
Photo by CC user Alan Cleaver on Flickr.

If you’ve struggled with weight for most of your life, it’s time to change your eating habits. Being just a few pounds overweight can have a huge impact on your life. It can affect your health and reduce your level of confidence. By combining a healthy diet with weekly exercise, you can end the battle of the bulge and enjoy the results you see on your scale.

Exercise, exercise, and exercise

If you want to see a noticeable difference faster, you must incorporate exercise into your diet. While the scale may show only a couple of pounds lost a week, you’ll feel the results almost immediately by inches off your waist, hips, stomach and thighs. You can take out a membership at a gym like Fitness19, which offers anything from weights to yoga classes. Or, if you prefer to do your workout in private you can go bike riding, run, jog or use a fitness video. When your clothes fit without the kangaroo pouch and bulges your confidence begins to return. You’ll look for those jeans you tucked away in the back of your closet and remove the sweats you swore were the new fashion trend.

A quick weight loss often leads to a weight gain

Ok, so you’ve tried every guaranteed weight loss pill and diet and you still continue to put the pounds back on. The reason for this is that you haven’t changed your eating habits. There is no quick weight loss program that works and many of these fad diets are not healthy. They leave out nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. These diets also may work for a month or so but then not only do you gain those pounds back but you also add a few more. Instead of looking to cheat the system, try and change the way to eat and, more importantly, what you eat. Your success will come with a slow weight loss. Those are the pounds that stay off.

Plan meals ahead of time

Meal planning works. When you have everything you need at home to create a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, your chances of making the meals improve. It’s when you run out of things that you reach for the phone and dial up take out. Make a list of what you need and shop once a week and never on an empty stomach. Also, mix things up. If you change up the meals weekly you’ll have a variety. This way you’re less likely to give into the fast food.

Fend off hunger between meals

Many people gain weight because they feel hungry in between meals and reach for the quick fix, which most times is something that has as many calories in it as a meal. Instead, if you’re at work or out running errands carry a granola bar, nuts or an apple. These will help to satisfy your hunger and get you through to your next meal without undoing all your efforts. Also, drink plenty of water. This also keeps you hydrated and delays hunger.

If you really want to lose weight you can do it. You just need to remember that the pounds didn’t come on in a day and they won’t disappear in a day either. But, if you stick with it, with each month your weight will come off, you’ll begin to feel better and look great.