The Ultimate Itinerary For Your Trip To Malta

Malta is a fantastically diverse and unique set of islands located off the coast of Sicily. Over the years, the numerous cultures, ethnicities and people who have called the island home and left their mark on the way of life there, have meant there’s no shortage of variety for things to do and see.

The Historical 

Due to its strategic location, just off the coast of mainland Europe, Malta has seen many different invaders set foot upon its shores, and the ruins of these many individual civilizations has made the country an ideal stop for all history buffs.

The famed Megalithic temples are UNESCO heritage sites that are loved by all visitors. The seven structures, in total, are scattered across the three islands and show how architectural practices progressed and developed throughout the country’s prehistoric age.

The Cultural 

Due to its proximity to the highly religious Southern European countries, Malta is a notably Catholic place. Particularly in the older generations, this belief system has an incredible influence on the culture, art and architecture of the archipelago.

St Johns Cathedral is a beautiful example of this. Designed by architect, Gerolamo Cassar, built during the 1500’s and revamped during the Baroque period, the site is dripping in color, beauty and elegance, all created to celebrate the country’s religious idols.

The Gastronomical Jesœs PŽrez Pacheco

Photo: Jesús Pérez Pacheco

Maltese food is not something that is well-known, or easily found, worldwide. However, you don’t have to be on the islands for long to realize what a beautiful, fresh, mouthwatering cuisine is on offer.

The Sunday fish market at Marsaxlokk is an essential place to stop to try the local fish soup, Aljotta, pretty much as soon as the ingredients have been plucked out of the water. Heading further inland, the Rampila, in capital city Valletta, is a fantastic spot to taste some of the best local delicacies.


The Beautiful

Alongside its cultural charm, Malta is also, geographically, one of the most spectacular destinations in this region. Surrounded by deep blue oceans, with luscious greenery and fascinating rock formations, any trip to Malta should involve immersing yourself in some of the islands’ most beautiful natural landmarks.

The Azure Window, the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock are world famous geographical attractions and located within a short distance of each other. The former, a rock shaped arch sticking out into the ocean, is a must-see site. The inland sea – which can only be accessed through a tunneling cave – is a place or pure amazement and the fungus rock is a 60-meter high giant, miraculously covered with a charming medicinal flower. 

The Relaxing

Finally, any trip to Malta would be wasted without taking some time out to relax and enjoy the peaceful summer sun. Due to its island formation, the country is home to an incredible number of spectacular beaches.


Photo: Creative commons
Ringed by rocks and protected from strong currents, the Blue Lagoon is by far the best spot for swimming. The Golden Bay offers visitors a long stretch of golden sands, and the Fomm ir-Riħ is the most secluded, for those looking for peace and quiet – however it does require quite a trek to get there.

Any visit to Malta is sure to be a brilliant experience, but by following this itinerary you can be sure to make the most of your trip and see all the this beautiful country has to offer. If you have any more suggestions for must-see things to do on this islands, be sure to leave a comment below and share your ideas with fellow travelers.

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