Tips for Vacationing in Jakarta

Looking for a truly unique vacation destination? Jakarta can provide a once in a lifetime place for a perfect holiday. Whether you are turning a business trip into a vacation, passing through on your tour of Java, or heading specifically for a good time in Jakarta. Here are some tips for vacationing in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capitol city.

vacation jakartaStay Cool
Jakarta is well known for its oppressive heat.  The vacationer in the know, has many tools at their disposal to beat the heat. One good way is to plan your day around temperatures. This means heading out to do your shopping early in the morning or after sunset, this is the way locals have done it for centuries. Some folks like to enjoy a nap in the hot afternoons, perhaps in an air conditioned room in a great hotel in Jakarta. Jakarta’s chic and comfortable Kosenda Hotel is one of our favorites for a heat-beating nap. If you prefer to go out in the height of the heat, maybe one of Jakarta’s water parks would be a good way to stay cool? The Snow Bay water park is winter themed, complete with artificial snow-capped mountains. Another popular water park is Pondok, which features massive speed slides and inner tube attractions. If you prefer shopping to cannonballs; Jakarta’s malls are usually air conditioned paradises and always a popular way to beat the heat for locals and foreigners alike.

vacation in Jakarta
Fill Your Belly at the Markets
Jakarta is world renown for its unique and delicious cuisine and one of the best ways to experience as much as possible (and believe us, you want to!) is at one of the city’s many markets. It is a good idea to bring along some friends that way you can share your treats without getting too full. A few must try dishes are the deceptively simple and delicious satay, meat on a stick has never tasted so good. The national dish of rendang,  a thick beef curry is also a must tray in Jakarta. No trip to Indonesia’s capitol would be complete without trying martabak, available in both sweet and savory varieties, it is basically varying types of bread wrapped around a filling, those fillings are ranging from egg to durian. Yes, we said durian, if you are not familiar with Indonesia’s most famous fruit, loved or hated by millions it is definitely worth a taste. Jakarta is a foodie paradise that is why sampling as much food as you can is one of our top tips for vacationing in Jakarta.

Though it may sound like common sense, staying cool and sampling good food is key to enjoying your trip to Jakarta. Follow our top tips for vacationing in Jakarta and rest assured you and your family will have a wonderful time exploring Indonesia’s massive, hectic, and beautiful mega capitol.