UGears 2020 3D Wooden Mechanical Model: A combination of puzzle and game

Toys made of wood are a good alternative for children to have fun, and at the same time, develop their creativity and imagination. Their benefits are multiple, as they have the ability to stimulate the senses with simple shapes and attractive colors, which help the little ones to develop their psychomotor skills and abilities. In this article we will discuss wooden toys in general and UGears 2020 3D Wooden Mechanical Model as a manifestation of wooden toys to increase creativity.

Benefits of playing with wooden toys for children

For generations, wooden toys have been children’s fun, and even today they are still a favorite with little ones. Wooden toys are made of shockresistant material, and in the event that they break, they can be repaired more easily than toys made of other material. They are kept in good condition, which makes them pass from generation to generation, preserving their original appearance and functionality.

– They can be used in outdoor spaces

The resistance of wood allows children to enjoy playing outdoors, since toys made of this material are more durable than others.

– They are pretty and eyecatching

The wooden figures and pieces are made in attractive colors and beautiful designs. What makes them stand out, drawing the attention of the vast majority of children.

– Stimulate children’s imagination and creativity

Wooden toys encourage children to create and tell stories to themselves, inventing settings and characters that give free rein to their imaginations.

– They respect the environment and teach children to take care of nature

Taking into account that wood is a natural and also renewable material, nowadays the number of companies that choose to work with lowcost orecologicalwood has grown, which allows creating toys that are respectful of the planet we live on. At the same time, the initiative is proposed that children, through the use of toys made with wood, learn from an early age, the importance of caring for and respecting nature and the environment that surrounds them, especially the trees that give life to their favorite toys.

– They improve motor skills

Wooden toys, being heavier than plastic ones, need to be held more firmly, which stimulates motor skills much more in children.

– They stimulate the sense of touch and smell.

Wooden toys provide a pleasant sensation when touched, so they stimulate the sense of touch, much more than a plastic toy. On the other hand, they also stimulate the sense of smell, since they have a particularly pleasant smell, which evokes the rich aroma of nature.

The wooden mechanical models

Mechanical models made of wood can take you to a world of creativity. They are a combination of puzzles and toys. Each of them is a miniature of something real, but they are no boring simple static miniatures. They can produce real motion mechanisms, most of which result from the rubber band mechanism inside each unit. The wooden mechanical model is one of the most popular in today’s “global toy world”. It is suitable not only for children but also for adults as a decorative instrument.

UGears as one of the leading wooden self-assembly models manufacturers in the world

UGears is a world-renowned self-asssembly models manufacturer. This is a company based in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Since 2015, the company has been marketing self-assembly products in the US market. Known for their original ideas and simplicity of use and assembly, UGears self-assembly models now dominate the US market. ‘Ukraine Bridge LLC’ is an authorized distributor of UGears products to US customers.

UGears 3D products are made from high quality natural wood

Every UGears 3D product is made from high quality natural wood. All parts are pre-cut with a high degree of precision. They can all be assembled easily, without the need for additional tools. Each product comes with detailed instructions that are easy to understand for users of all ages.

UGears 2020 3D Wooden Mechanical Models

Ugears provides a wide variety of Ugears 2020 3D Wooden Mechanical Models. There are UGears Nativity Scene, Ugears Cash Register, UGears Mini-Buggy, UGears Stem Lab Curvimeter, Ugears Globus, UGears Carousel, UGears Stem Lab Pendulum and many more. All products are made from high quality natural woods with a high level of precision.

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