Importance of Friendship in Our Life & Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Best Friend

People walk through our lives. People walk away too. Some even walk all over you. However, there are only a few who walk alongside you, who leave their footprints in the sandy areas of your heart. These few are known as friends. It is said that since your family couldn’t be everywhere, since there were things you couldn’t share with your parents, since there were moments you couldn’t have with your elder ones, God created friends. 

Friendship is the greatest gift of life. Cliché it might sound, but your friend is the one who brings out the best in you. In moments of darkness, when most of the world walks away from you, your true friends come closer and share your darkness. They are the ones who remain by your side when everyone has already parted.

Somewhere in the circle of friends, you call one your best friend, maybe two of them. Most of the times, your best friend has grown up with you side by side, usually, since childhood. Therefore, in addition to sharing the same roots, your friend knows more about you than any of your closest ones do. From what you like and what you don’t, to your favourite dishes and colours, your best friend is literally the home of your heart and the pulse of your vein. 

So, when it comes to exchanging gift, there is no saying the first best person to share a gift is your friend. The best part about sharing gifts with your friends is that, you don’t really need a special occasion or a festivity to do that. Call them for a coffee chat, send them a coupon of their favourite pizza eatery or gift them a weekend trek, many such pretty cool ideas. After all, you know all about them and they know all about you. They own a piece of your heart and you own one of them, so, technically, deciding gifts for them is no big deal. Nevertheless, if at a time you fall short of ideas or you’re planning to gift your best friend with something unique, here are some interesting gift ideas

If They’re Fashion Conscious

If your best friend stays up to date with the latest fashion and style trends, gift them something that lifts their mood. From sleepover shirts to cosy ponchos to designer wear, whatever you feel they’d like the best!

A Piece of Art Created by You

Are you an artist or a poet? Or, are they? It works both ways. Gifting them a piece of handmade greeting card or a personalized poem, or one of your paintings; these are some sure-fire ways to add another memory of you in their wardrobe. After all, these memories will last forever too. If there is a message or compliment you wish to tell them, or maybe you want to discuss something, or simply say thanks for a recent return gifts, you can include this message in your art too. 

Do they Love Jewellery? Or shoes?

Jewellery, accessories and shoes are quite common ideas for gifting. However, with your best friend, you can turn it into something innovative. Say, instead of brand new stilettos gift your girlfriend with sequin beaded slippers. Slippers, which they wear during their personal time will remind them of you. Another fabulous example is pyjama trousers. Instead of gifting them trendy designer wear, surprise them with a set of cuddly pyjamas for your upcoming pillow parties and weekend gossips!

Party Lover?

Does your friend love parties? Well and good. Host a cosy destination party with a small bunch of your common friends or simply for just the two of you. Plan it out with their favourite setting, drinks and food. 

Plan an Evening Treat Only To Talk & Eat 

Switch off your mobile phones. Cancel your appointments. And leave these few hours for intimate talks. For all those conversations you two have been procrastinating to share for so long. Perhaps, a candle light barbeque is a terrific idea. Or, if the two of you like to have street food, host a street food party with your favourite gol gappas, bhel puri, kulfis and pav bhaji. Diet plans, after all, can be skipped for a day, if the person is your best friend, can’t you?

When friendships are celebrated, life is good. So turn off your screen and plan a gift for your best buddies!