Top 4 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Boost Your SEO Rankings

Enhancing the website for keywords, publishing fresh blog posts, and building links are not the only ways one can utilize to optimize one website’s SEO. One can also use Twitter to boost SEO rankings. Google and Twitter hold a strong relationship. This offers Google to access the Twitter stream permitting the search engine to index tweets in its search result pages. As a business entrepreneur, one can take this feature to their advantage to increase brand visibility on Google. The Twitter stream helps in branding by popping up the website on the main page of search results and displaying the newest tweets from that page which ultimately helps in increasing a website’s SEO positions. Here are the top four ways to use Twitter to improve SEO rankings.

Leverage Relevant Keywords to Your Business

All search engine optimization strategies commence with keywords. If one is already making content for their business site, then they should have research on keywords that are relevant to digital marketing strategies. If one is not creating content regularly for their website, then utilizing Twitter to leverage SEO rankings is mostly useless. The final aim of this Twitter technique is to grab people’s interest in one’s business so that they will leave Twitter and visit their website. A great method to do that is by sharing URLs to blog posts that one has posted, but when one is releasing links consistently without following this procedure, then they will receive very few admissible clicks. You can contact Victorious a SEO agency in Los Angeles to guide you further on this topic.

Use Twitter’s Latest Search Technology to Your Business

Twitter’s latest search feature enables one to search keywords by exact texting, and it also permits one to search for tweets to find conversations that consist of multiple keywords. The result page is split up into five tabs. One can search by the top tweets based on a keyword that displays the most engaging tweets. Searching by the newest tweets shows one of the most current tweets regarding a keyword and is an excellent way to discover conversations to jump into as they occur in real-time. The people tab allows one to search by people who tweet about a given keyword. This is the tab one utilizes for the next step. The final tabs are photos and videos.

Look for Trending Topics and Hop in When Appropriate

Trendjacking is an essential way to produce awareness for the business owner and their brand. However, it is a strategy that can go wrong horrendously if it is not done correctly. The key is legitimacy. It is advisable not to pretend on such platforms. If the brand is not about being twitchy, then it is not necessary to be twitchy. It is crucial to ensure to always stay secular as the aim is to gain and not turn away followers.

Engage With the Targeted Audience Regularly

The Twitter list is another great trait to use Twitter for SEO rankings. As we got an idea earlier that the end aim of Twitter for a brand is to get the right audience to exit Twitter and enter their site. This is made through creating relationships and lists to help one to keep a trace of the targeted people one wants to build relationships with. One can create a different list for each of the talking points. Once one has built connections with the audience, one can share links to their website contextually, and they will be more likely to tap and share. The higher one invests in appealing to people, the higher the followers one will get, which suggests the better approach one’s content will have.

Finding a good social media management tool is one way to maximize engagement. Some famous tools like Post Planner are very affordable and can help a lot if you are new to the Twitter game, however, its affordability makes a significant reduction in features and functions. That means it’s not the most comprehensive social media management platform out there, especially nowadays where there are many options to choose from. For Twitter automation needs there is Hypefury, a more functional alternative to Post Planner, which offers effortless Twitter growth and engagement on autopilot. You get to create and schedule posts in a distraction-free environment so you never run out of content to share with your followers. In addition, you get a variety of features specifically designed to help you reach more people every time you post a Tweet.


Steadiness is the key to this process toiling and enabling one to get Twitter followers for SEO rankings. Utilizing these four ways as a part of one’s daily routine and one can genuinely begin to reap advantages in a matter of weeks.