Finding Treasures: Museum Store Recommendations from Arlo Hotel NYC

One of life’s pleasures is exploring a museum store to pick up a few souvenirs. And no city in the US can compare to the museum store options as New York. At Arlo Hotel NYC, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, check them out below.

The Store at MAD (the Museum of Art and Design) features an array of pieces that connect artists and customers. The museum store carries everything from colorful toys to housewares that will make impactful additions to any home. There are puzzles, lamps, whiskey stones, and everything in between. Every item embraces a unique design aesthetic that exemplifies the museum and the city itself.

The most iconic museum store in the city award goes to the MoMa Design Store. The popularity of the store encouraged the museum to create a wonderful website that allows people around the world to acquire some amazing pieces. Visiting the store in person is a sensory delight, with statement furniture pieces along with framed prints, glassware, and more. Every piece is carefully curated with a contemporary design aesthetic all its own.

For a museum store on a smaller scale, visit the Whitney Shop at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City’s iconic Meatpacking District. Take home a scarf for the kids, pick out some earrings from a new artist, or grab some pencils and a sketchbook and draw your favorite NYC cityscape or memory. Check the availability during COVID-19, but at times the museum features pop-up shops from amazing contemporary designers, giving you a chance to support the arts and retain a piece for generations.

For the kiddos, visit the American Museum of Natural History Stores, which feature wall art, fun science kits, and other items for kids of all ages. For the grownups there’s also a variety of housewares as well as telescopes and electronics that make great gifts. Did you know they have a secret coffee shop?

At Arlo Hotel NYC we encourage guests to stop by the museum stores. Even if they don’t intend on buying something, we typically find people want a small memento to remind them of their amazing time in NYC.